3 Elements of Men’s Hosiery That Makes Them Luxury

When it comes to men’s hosiery, you not only want your feet to feel good, you want them to look good, too! The luxury socks here at Henry A. Davidsen are more than a simple wardrobe accessory – they are a way of life. With a wide variety of hosiery selections from VK Nagrani, men can enjoy quality sock knitting that focuses on modern day style and comfort for the perfect fit every time.

In order for men’s hosiery to be considered luxury, did you know that there are three specifications that must be met that include the materials, the design, and how they are made? Isn’t it about time you treat your feet right? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the three elements of men’s hosiery that turn them from average to top-of-the-line fashion accessories.

Raw Materials
Luxury socks start with only the finest raw materials available in the world. Pure Giza Egyptian cotton and Peruvian cotton blends twisted with Lycra ensures each pair of VK Nagrani brand socks molds perfectly to the leg with every wear. In addition to cotton materials, VK Nagrani utilizes specialty yarns such as Diamante wool, silk, and cashmere in their extensive men’s hosiery collection so the socks never lose their shape—even after 100 washes.

State-of-the-Art Machines
Once the raw materials are gathered, the knitting process can begin. The smaller and tighter the stitching, the stronger the sock will be. State-of-the-art machines in both Peru and Italy allow luxury sock artisans to weave a product that feels like a second set of skin. Soft, yet resilient, without these modern knitting machines, your socks would be nothing more than average.

Unmatched Designs
Just as important as the materials used is the sock’s aesthetic – or it’s design. To keep the designs fresh and unique, VK Nagrani produces small batches of socks where only 312 pairs are made at one time, never to be recreated again. Derived from a variety of interests like art, home textiles, neckwear, and travel, you can expect each VK pattern to be the best finishing touch to your outfit.

Henry A. Davidsen is pleased to offer men VK Nagrani luxury men’s hosiery in our exclusive Philadelphia-based showroom. Call us today to schedule an appointment and earn more about this one-of-a-kind brand and why we choose to carry their products exclusively.

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