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4 Body Language Tips Every Man Needs to Know

Did you know that certain body movements, gestures, and signals can tell you more about a person than any conversation ever could? Body language helps us understand a person more holistically, uncovering the true emotions behind their words.

When you know the psychology behind what people aren’t saying, you will be able to play a more active and successful part in all of your endeavors, both in professional and personal settings.

Every man should know how to communicate the appropriate message without saying a word. By doing so, you will appear confident, capable, and ready. In fact, here are four body language tips from the Philadelphia suit and image specialists at Henry A. Davidsen that will have you appearing confident and ready to take on the world.

Pay Attention to Leg and Arm Placement

4 Body Language Tips Every Man Needs to Know – Henry A. Davidsen

The way a person positions their arms and their legs reveals a lot about how they are feeling. Crossing your arms suggests that you are closed off and defensive, and crossing the legs (when standing) means you are holding back. The best positioning for the arms is to place them by your side or with your hands in your lap. You should keep your legs hip-width apart or crossed at the knee if seated.

Always Look Straight Ahead
Whether you are alone or in a group, looking down at the floor or from side to side communicates that you do not want to converse or engage with others. If this is uncomfortable for you, start slow by practicing eye contact with close friends and family. Look them in the eyes for at least half of the conversation, and if you have to break the gaze, don’t look down but off to the side instead.

It’s All in the Handshake

A firm, solid handshake has long been known as a universal sign of confidence and mutual respect. A good handshake is strong but not overpowering and is paired with a second or two of eye contact. Practice your handshake with people you know and take note of what needs improvement.

Be Expressive

Being expressive during conversations and using engaged body language will send powerful messages to others. Whether you are looking to reach an agreement or trying to persuade someone to see your point of view, you can use welcoming gestures and mirror the movements of the other person to show confidence, making it more likely you will reach your goal.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks on how to improve your body language? Contact Henry A. Davidsen to make an appointment with one of our seasoned image consultants today!

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