7 Instagram Accounts for Men’s Style Inspiration

Philadelphia is definitely a stylish city. Walking through Center City on any given day, I see guys walking around looking sharp. Nevertheless, the fashion in Philadelphia can become a little repetitive since many guys seem to have the exact same off-the-rack clothes. To break out of the same old, I turn to social media, specifically Instagram. This blog post will delve into 7 Instagram Accounts for Men’s Style Inspiration.

Maybe you’ve heard your high school-aged daughter talk about Instagram and how her selfies aren’t getting enough likes. Maybe you’ve chalked up Instagram to be a frivolous millennial toy, but it’s a very powerful tool. Facebook still has more users than Instagram. But, users go on Instagram more frequently than Facebook. And users are more actively engaged when they’re using the app than when they’re on Facebook (many users have Facebook open in the background while they’re doing homework, watching television, or on the phone).


Instagram Influencers are app users who have a lot of clout and engagement with their customer base. You can have Instagram Influencers across many different sectors: fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, cooking, etc. There’s even an Instagram account (@GoatsOfAnarchy) that has gained 614K followers just by posting pictures of a sanctuary for goats with special needs– the internet is a very dark and deep place. With that being said, here’s 7 Instagram accounts for men’s style inspiration.


1 @JohannesHuebl

Johannes Huebl (1 million followers) is a German model who has been featured in GQ, Vogue China, Vanity Fair. He is also married to @OliviaPalermo, who appeared on The City briefly and now is an Influencer herself. You know what they say– the only thing better than an Instagram Influencer is an Influencer Couple.


2 @MatthewZorpas

Matthew Zorpas (188k followers) has established himself as a man with a suave lifestyle– he travels the world and brings his style with him. He also started “The Gentleman Blogger,” a website where he publishes his musings on various topics such as his addiction to coffee to his Tokyo trip.

3 @ThePacMan82

Phil Cohen (768k followers) is an art director who puts a deconstructed and minimal spin on the selfie. Instead of taking pictures of himself in his chosen outfits, he simply lays out the elements of  outfits on the floor.

4 @TheSartorialist

Scott Schuman (1.1 million followers) has been running “The Sartorialist” blog since 2005. His photography has been featured in GQ, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview Magazine. He captures both men’s and women’s fashion.

5 @LukaSabbat

Luka Sabbat (2.1 million followers) is a younger guy on the scene, but he’s already made a name for himself in the men’s fashion world. He was born in New York to two parents who worked in the fashion industry and grew up in New York and Paris. It seems that it was inevitable for him to become a fashion influencer. 

6 @Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky (211k followers) is a Philadelphia local. Professionally, he is an architect. Outside of work, he has created a social media presence based off his signature beard and personal style. Greg and Brian Lipstein, our CEO, met serving on the committee for The Men’s Book.


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It’s normal to feel like you’re in a fashion rut. These 7 Instagram accounts can allow you explore more style variety.


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