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A Basic Guide to Understanding Men’s Dress Shirt Cuffs

Just like the collars of your dress shirt, the cuffs are an incredibly important and distinct part of your dress style. In fact, the type of cuff style you choose plays an integral role in the formality of your shirt. That’s why it’s important for a well-dressed man like yourself to have a firm understanding of the different types of shirt cuffs available.

Additionally, not only will you be able to master your wardrobe, but you’ll be able to create outfits that align with the occasions and your characteristics. Continue reading to learn more about the various styles of men’s dress shirt cuffs and how they’re worn.

Barrel or Button Cuff

If you’re in the business world, you’ve certainly seen this type of cuff as it is easily the most common style for a shirt cuff. Generally, this cuff is worn with two buttons spaced horizontally, just ¾” apart from each other, but this is generally for off-the-rack shirts, as it makes them adjustable. The custom shirts offered by Henry A. Davidsen are available with a plethora of barrel cuff options.

It gets the name “barrel cuff” through the barrel shape it resembles when buttoned. And while it’s dressy enough for suits and casual enough for jeans, you certainly want to avoid this cuff in a formal wear setting.

Single Cuff

A Basic Guide to Understanding Men’s Dress Shirt Cuffs – Henry A. Davidsen

Even though the single cuff may seem similar to the barrel cuff, this style fastens with a cuff link instead of a sewn-on button. The single cuff is typically only worn with white tie attire and is the perfect match with wing collar shirts.

While they’ve been historically relegated to white tie and tails, we’ve actually made a single cuff shirts in more casual fabrics suited for the office, and they’ve finished up beautifully, creating a very unique product.

French Cuff

As opposed to the single cuff, the French cuff is twice as long and doubles back over itself. This is why it’s commonly referred to in England as the “double cuff.” However, the French cuff is similar to the single cuff as they both require cuff links to fasten. This type of shirt cuff is perfect for business professional settings, black tie affairs, and other formal events.

We hope that you have now gained a better understanding of some of the most common men’s dress shirt cuff styles. As you browse the rest of the Henry A. Davidsen website to learn about the tailored professional and special occasion clothing we offer, always remember we are your source for anything and everything related to high-end men’s suits in Philadelphia! You should even check our Guide to Shirt Collars.

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