A Brief Guide to Freshening Up Your Spring Wardrobe

If summer has its “dog days,” that period of time when our energy drags and spirits lag because of heat, then we can safely call winter’s equivalent “dull days.”

In the Northeast, February and March – at least the early part – would fit into that category. The weather is still cold and drab, and there’s still potential for snow and ice storms. We’ve grown tired of getting up when it’s dark, working indoors through the sunlight hours, then getting home from work when it’s dark.

We are more than ready for a new, warmer, sunnier season, but we have to tough it out until the calendar turns.

One way to brighten up winter’s home stretch is to head to the closet. It’s never too early to do some spring cleaning with regard to your wardrobe, and as we approach March, it doesn’t hurt to start flexing in some spring colors and fabrics on those warm(ish) days.

At Henry A. Davidsen, our image consultants are here to help. In fact, here’s some food for thought as you begin your quest for fresh threads!

  • Spring 2019 presents a great chance to try a few new spins on some old favorites. Keep things light and fun, but also sophisticated. “Classy casual” is a term that’s been used by fashion forecasters. Think made-to-measure lightweight hoodies and custom light wash jeans or chinos that can be dressed up or down.
  • Since vintage has become such a large part of the fashion landscape, a lot of what was old can give you a whole new look. Classic lightweight trench coats were seen on the runways heading into 2019, and top designers have even brought back letterman jackets.
  • The staples of a spring wardrobe will never go out of style, but think about trying interesting textures, bold colors, and prints. Consider a classic polo shirt made from slub cotton or standard chinos, except in plaid. We can, of course, custom-craft these items to your precise specifications.

Ready to start shopping? Here are five essential elements to add to your list!

No matter the season, our custom tailors in Philadelphia can help add sophistication and style to even the dullest, blandest wardrobe, and our image consulting services can help you wear those clothes with more poise and confidence. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Rittenhouse Square studio!

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