A Gentleman’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from our team to yours! Hope your New Year’s Eve was full of champagne, fireworks, and a midnight kiss! There’s something about the idea of a brand new year that gets people drunk on optimism. Conceptually, it’s a beautiful idea. The turn of the year gives you an opportunity to change into a better version of yourself. More often than not, this pent up intention falls flat. Why? Because people get their hopes up too high. They envision that when the clock strikes midnight, they’ll suddenly switch from a frog to a prince. But it’s not that easy. So here’s a Gentleman’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions. 

A Gentleman's Guide to New Year's Resolutions

There’s always that one friend who is super ambitious. They go on and on about how they’re going to finally lose the weight and the protruding beer belly. They follow one “Fitspo” account on Instagram and now they know everything. They claim they’re gonna do a month-long process where they do a cranberry juice cleanse while simultaneously doing two-a-days at the gym. *Eyeroll* Dude, I love the spirit, but come on! The key is setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. 

A Gentleman's Guide to New Year's Resolutions


Setting a specific goal is about thinking about the little details of your goal. Think about who is involved, what you want to accomplish, identify a location, establish a time frame, identify requirements and constraints, and consider the reason and motivation behind the goal. 



Setting a measurable goal is about being able to track your progress in achieving your goal. What do you envision when you picture yourself at the metaphorical finish line? Think about the quantities it will take to get there. Making your goal measurable is more likely to hold you accountable and motivate you to follow through. If your goal is to lose weight, it’ll be helpful to set a target weight.



Setting an attainable goal is about giving yourself the tools you need to achieve your goals. It’s easy to get carried away when setting goals, but it’s harder to think about the steps you need to take to achieve the goal. Think about the resources and capabilities needed. If your goal is to lose weight by eating cleaner and working out harder, then maybe consider scheduling in trips to Whole Foods and buying a gym membership at City Fitness Philly.



Setting a realistic goal is about creating a goal that is within reach. A more realistic goal would be to commit to reducing your carb intake and going to the gym three times a week. If you don’t set attainable goals, then you’re setting yourself up to fail.



Setting a time-bound goal is about giving your goal a timeline. When do you envision yourself at that metaphorical finish line? Think about the start and end dates of your goal. Making your goal time-bound holds you accountable to that ticking clock. So instead of just aiming to lose 10 pounds aim to lose 10 pounds in 1 month.



If you follow this Gentleman’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions, you will be able to set SMART goals that are executable. This way, heading into the New Year you can become the version of yourself you’ve always aspired to be. When you finally achieve your goal, don’t forget to reward yourself and celebrate!


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A Gentleman's Guide to New Year's Resolutions

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