A Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets


A Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets 1 – Henry A. Davidsen

Over the past few years, men’s jewelry has become a go to accessory right alongside sunglasses and cuff links. From beads and leather to metal designs, there are a wide range of options for the gentlemen confident enough to wear them.

Fashion icons, designers, and magazines like GQ have currently made male jewelry a staple to add into your wardrobe. But maybe it’s a trend you’re not quite sure how to wear. Maybe you’re not sure if you can “pull it off.” Well, just like everything in fashion, style is self-expression. If you want to wear bracelets, all you need is confidence. Here is Henry’s style guide to adding bracelets into your wardrobe, because nothing is better than a gent who knows how to dress, except a gent that knows how to accessorize.

Style Options


A Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets 2 – Henry A. Davidsen


Spotlight Brand

Tateossian has been offering luxury men’s accessories for 27 years, and lately, their bracelet collections have emerged as a menswear favorite.

“There is a multitude of ways in which the modern gentleman can wear his bracelet of choice to complement his outfit and complete his look in the utmost style. From a single eye-catching bracelet to a striking collection of stacked or layered bracelets, the possibilities are endless with men’s bracelets from Tateossian.”


Leather & Woven

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets 4 – Henry A. Davidsen

Like all accessories, the bracelets you choose are there to accent your outfit. You’re not just a guy who puts on the first suit he saw in his closet, but instead you’ve taken your time to make your outfit looks good and feels complete by stylizing it. When it comes to pairing your bracelets with your outfit, there are no rules. However, if you’re new to bracelets, try starting out by pairing metal bracelets with suits and beaded bracelets with your casual attire. Once you find your personal size and favorite pieces, mix and match as you please.

It’s true, size matters. You don’t want a bracelet that is too large that it’s sliding around on your wrist. It can damage the bracelet and let me tell you, it will get annoying very fast. Metal bracelets should be treated like a wristwatch, beaded bracelets should fit tight to the wrist, and you can leave a little room for leather bracelets which don’t have to fit as snug. Sizing helps when it comes to how you’ll wear your bracelets, which can be worn alone, stacked together, or added to accent a watch.

Sticking to some basic guidelines when starting out will help you learn how to add bracelets confidently to any outfit. So, remember treat bracelets like a wristwatch, make sure they fit correctly, and keep all wrist wear to one wrist.

At the end of the day, a bracelet does what any good accessory should do, accents your outfit to complete your look. By starting simple, you can see if this style option is something you’ll enjoy. If it is, you can always expand your collection and experiment with new styles and designs.

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