A Quick Guide to Shirt Collar Styles

Shirt collars aren’t just strips of fabric that sit around your neck. As the part of the shirt that frames your face, they play the most prominent role in whether a shirt looks good on you.

There are many types of shirt collars, and it’s important to know how to talk about them. Below, we’ll outline some of the most popular styles. In an upcoming post, we’ll dive deeper into how to pick the best shirt collars for you and your face shape.

Spread / Regular Collar

For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll define “regular collar” as one that doesn’t button to the shirt. Typically, these collars have removable “stays” that help to keep your collar points straight.

Regular collars can be found with varying degrees of “spread,” which is the distance between the bottoms of the collar points. Regardless of spread, they tend to be dressier than button-down collars and can be dressed up or down. They’re quite versatile.

As a custom clothier, shirts made at Henry A. Davidsen can be designed with any style of collar.

Button-down Collar

Popularized by Brooks Brothers after witnessing polo players’ collars flapping against their faces in the wind, the button-down collar is a uniquely American contribution to menswear. A more casual option than a regular collar, button-downs are great for business casual offices, or just for days when you want to look a bit more relaxed.

The key to a classic button-down is to achieve a collar roll. This is done by using longer-than-usual collar points.

You can still wear a tie with a button-down, though it’s worth mentioning that they should be avoided if you ever wear a double-breasted jacket.

Wing Collar

The wing collar is specifically designed for a tuxedo shirt. In fact, the wing collar shirt is the most traditional tuxedo shirt available, while the regular turndown collar is a more recent addition to the black tie ensemble. You’ll notice that this type of collar’s tips sits flat like wings, hence the name wing collar. You can wear a wing collar at a wedding, black tie affairs, and other formal events.

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