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They say first impressions are everything. Do you know why? Upon first meeting someone, you make a judgment about them in the first four seconds. By the time thirty seconds have passed, the judgment has been finalized.

While your wardrobe and appearance make up for 95% of a first impression, your personality and how you interact with others is important too. We all want to make a great first impression, both in our professional and personal lives.

At Henry A. Davidsen, we delve into every aspect of your personal image with a customized one-on-one image consulting experience. Whether you are looking to create an entirely new persona, sharpen your communication skills, or learn more about making a great first impression, our experts can help you reach your fullest potential.

Are you ready for The Henry A. Davidsen Experience? Take a look at all you can enjoy when you choose the master tailors and image consultants at Henry A. Davidsen, located right in the heart of Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.


Our consultants will teach you about how suits are made and the pros and cons of different construction methods. This lends transparency and trust to the entire Henry A. Davidsen Experience because you have a clear idea as to what you’re buying.

This education has an overall positive effect on our clients’ professional and personal lives. Your knowledge, and thus confidence, is increased, which affects how you present yourself. Others will then be inclined to have confidence in you, resulting in more professional opportunities, better relationships, and a quicker building of trust.


The Henry A. Davidsen Experience is one-on-one. You will have the full attention of a trained image consultant. All services are catered to meet whatever goals the client would like to achieve. By session’s end, you will have gained valuable insight on how to act and dress according to the image you’d like to portray.


The Henry A. Davidsen showroom is a laid-back, casual atmosphere where you can sit back, relax, and have a cocktail. This allows both the image consultant and client to be completely comfortable with each other in a cordial and home-like space.


Last but not least, we want your Henry A. Davidsen Experience to be fun! Discovering and refining your personal image does not have to be daunting task. Instead, it should be an exciting time in your life to hone the person you want to be

Eager to know about what our current clients are saying before you book an appointment? Consider some of the feedback below!

My expectations of Henry A. Davidsen have not only been met but exceeded on multiple occasions!! Both my husband and our sons rely on Brian and his staff for all of their custom suit needs and matching accessories. Products are top quality, and the experience was first-class. We plan on staying with Henry A. Davidsen for years to come!

~ Sue from Ardmore, PA

Ever since I can remember I have had a hard time finding and fitting into dress clothing due to my tall height (I am 6’9”) and my somewhat lanky body type. Dress shirts that fit in my arms were usually too tight in the neck area, and nothing ever seemed to fit right. Then, I found Henry A. Davidsen and it was a game-changer. Right away I felt comfortable with the staff, asking them questions about my look and getting sound advice I had never heard before. From the first to the final fitting and everything in between, I would gladly recommend Henry A. Davidsen to any man looking to making a positive change not only in their appearance but their life.

~ Ben from Philadelphia, PA

I am currently on my second suit from Henry A. Davidsen, and I could not be happier! Not only does Henry A. Davidsen perform all fittings in-house, but you get an education on all the fabrics used and how to wear your suit as well. Looking forward to my next visit with Brian and his friendly, knowledgeable staff!!

~ Joe from Cherry Hill, NJ

Take your image to the next level with Henry A. Davidsen. Stop by our high-end Philadelphia men’s suit store today to get started on the road to building the successful life you were born to live.

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