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Image Consulting in Philadelphia

Create Winning First Impressions

Your wardrobe is a huge component in what makes a first impression. It’s your image. In the business world that image can mean the difference between gaining the competitive edge or yielding to competition.

Discovering or refining that image doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At Henry A. Davidsen, we go beyond the scope of traditional tailoring by offering one-on-one image consulting services.

Whether you’re in Philadelphia as a small business owner or a celebrity, by working with one of our professional image consultants, you’ll receive personalized attention and custom-made clothing fitted to your exact measurements.

We at Henry Davidsen pledge to help you develop your own personal style by identifying colors, fit and designs that complement your profession, body type and lifestyle. All services are private, confidential and offered complimentary with any purchase.  This comprehensive and personal service exemplifies our mission as the premier men’s image consultants in Philadelphia.

What Does An Image Consultant Do?

Henry A. Davidsen brings you more than a retail clothing service, we are image consultants; what does that mean, you might ask?

Image consulting as a practice addresses three main areas: appearance, behavior, and communication.  First, our image consulting experts will work with you on your appearance.  We accomplish this with a thorough consultation involving a wide variety of variables.  Your body type, professional career, professional and personal audiences and preferred styles are considered.  We also take into account your personal coloring (hair color, eye color, and skin tones) as well as personality and individual budget.

Through these processes, we provide each client with an in-depth wardrobe audit that includes educating them on dressing strategically for various audiences where the psychology of colors can have a beneficial impact.

Aside from Henry Davidsen custom tailoring your casual and professional wardrobe, we also provide additional services including networking assistance, professional coaching, corporate image training, etiquette classes, and media preparation seminars.  All of these will blend together with your customized wardrobe to create a personal brand that’s ready to compete and succeed in our modern world.

We’ll delve into all aspects of your image-from written correspondence, to hairstyle, to footwear and e-communications.  Philadelphia and other metropolitan areas are demanding places, and we’re ready to tailor you and your image to meet those demands.

After working with us you will walk away with clothing that fits, a style that makes a great first impression, and most importantly, an image that projects confidence and authenticity.

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