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Best Men’s Jackets For Fall

A jacket is a bow that ties an outfit together. It is the declarative statement. For some men, a jacket becomes their personality as you will rarely see them without one once the first leaves touch the ground. For most of America, the garment of choice is the sweatshirt. While a sweatshirt does excel in providing the wearer with comfort and warmth it is not appropriate for most professional environments. In today’s blog, we are breaking down the jackets that will keep you warm and stylish this season.

Suit & Sport Coat

custom cloth for harris tweed jacketWhat makes a good autumn suit or sport coat? It comes down to two factors; weight and color. The heavier a fabric is, the more insulating it is, and thus the warmer it is. You can learn more about choosing fabrics here. Darker colors like deep earth tones, grey, and navy blue will pair with the natural color palette of deep reds, yellows, and browns during this time of year.

Certain weaves like herringbone and twill usually become staples of a stylish gentleman’s closet. A three-piece suit not only looks suave, but the vest also can add another layer for comfort on colder days. 

Car Coats

These jackets, also known as a ‘pizza coat’, take their inspiration from heavier winter overcoats. A car coat may retain the general construction of an overcoat but often with less insulation, finer fabrics, and shorter length. Most car coats only fall to just below the seat. This makes it possible to sit down without having to take your jacket off. A car coat lends the owner a classic look without swallowing up the rest of their outfits making it very versatile. Add it on top of a sport coat and trousers to stay toasty on the commute to work, or just throw it on with a sweater for date night.

Safari Jackets

custom mens safari jacket
A modern safari jacket. No belt, skinny lapel, and large pockets.

The Safari jacket was born from the British occupation of South Africa in 1900. A military-style coat made from lightweight fabrics. The original jackets featured multiple pockets, a belt, and a larger shirt-style collar in a khaki color to match the British military uniform at the time. Modern iterations of the jacket can vary in the thickness of the fabric and come in multiple shades of tan and green. Some swap out the shirt collar for a small and skinny lapel. A classic safari jacket is a perfect early fall jacket but you might be found wanting as the season drags on. Pair a safari jacket with jeans and boots and you have a rugged look that’s ready to tackle the wilderness or the club.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber OfferWe have the United States Airforce to thank for this staple of modern fashion. In the early 1920’s many fighter pilots were complaining about the knit sweater uniforms. The Airforce listened and developed a sleek and warm jacket that featured elastic in the cuffs to prevent updraft in the usually opened cockpits of planes. The jacket came into pop culture by the silver screen stars donning it in many Hollywood productions in the 40’s and 50’s. Many 80’s children grew up with the need for speed and those killer green bombers that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun.

But a bomber isn’t just a costume, they are very versatile garments that do not athletically limit you. That means they are perfect for cool mornings on the golf course. Most modern bombers lack a collar so they pair very well with a button-down collared shirt and some slacks for around the office. 


Still have questions about men’s jackets or are you looking to get a custom safari jacket made?

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