Black Friday 2021 – Holiday Promos

While Henry A Davidsen isn’t your typical Black Friday “doorbuster” retailer (we’re not hawking big-screen TV’s here), we still can’t help but get in on the fun. This year, we’ve put together a few different packages to get you and/or the men in your life set up for success as we head back to our offices. Below is a summary of our Black Friday 2021 holiday promotions – remember to lock yours in soon before it comes to an end!

Suit Package – $1950

  • 1 Gold Label Suit (full canvas made-to-measure)man in blue suit with orange accents
  • 1 Custom Shirt with Signature Monogram
  • 1 Tie or Pocket Square

Package value is $2200, so you save $250.

Sport Coat Package – $1275

  • 1 Gold Label Sport Coat (full canvas made-to-measure)

Package value is $1425, so you save $150.

Shirt Packages – 4 for $775 or 2 for $395

  • Both packages include custom signature monograms.

4-shirt package value is $960, so you save $185.

2-shirt package value is $450, so you save $65.

Casual Package – $1275

  • 2 pairs of custom jeans
  • 2 made-to-measure polos with accenting

monogram in leather patch mens custom jeansPackage value is $1425, so you save $150.

Stocking Stuffer Package

Take 15% off any four ready-to-wear accessories. These make excellent stocking stuffers!

Added Value Gift Certificates

We hope you like free money – the higher value the gift certificate, the more you’ll get in return!

  • You spend $1000, we add $75 for a total value of $1075
  • You spend $1500, we add $125 for a total value of $1625
  • You spend $2000, we add $200 for a total value of $2200

How To Redeem

Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to purchase your package, either for yourself or someone else (or both). The fine print is below – in the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you after the holiday!

Packages must be purchased before promotion sells out or ends, whichever comes first. Custom clothing packages may be purchased in advance as gift cards and redeemed later but must be redeemed by 3/1/2022 to receive the promotional value. After 3/1/2022, the value reverts to the original purchase price and never expires. Accessory package must be purchased in person and is not available after 12/23/2021. Custom clothing package redemption limited to 2 packages per type per person (maximum of 8 total packages per person). Additional packages may be purchased as gifts for others. Promotion applies to new orders only and cannot be applied to previous or existing orders in works.

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