Brian Lipstein’s Journey through Asia

Today’s blog post is about how Brian Lipstein, our CEO at Henry A. Davidsen, Master Image and Consultants, took a journey through Asia to enrich his business. What made Brian tolerate sitting in a cramped airplane seat for 19 hours and getting seriously jetlagged? Well Brian is so passionate about image consulting and men’s custom suiting that he wanted to create a better adult learning experience.

In most adult learning scenarios, the adult students come away retaining only 2-10% of the information. Maybe she was distracted thinking about her sick child who she dropped off at the daycare earlier that day. Or maybe he became lost because the training overestimated his starting point of knowledge. Or maybe she clocked out because she had just sat through a training for her other job the day before. Whatever the case, you end up with adult students who don’t retain the information.


So luckily Brian just happened to be chatting with Christina Ong, who he knew from serving on the board for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She told him about an upcoming class about designing and delivering impactful training based on the science behind adult learning. This way, the adult students retain 90+% of the information. The class was scheduled to take place in Singapore in August 2019. Brian booked his flight immediately.

Why does Brian care about adult learning? Here at Henry A. Davidsen, getting the client outfitted into a power suit is only the first step. Another part of the client experience is receiving image consulting. By taking this class, Brian can teach his clients and have the information stick! Brian wants to train his clients about the scale of professional dress, cultural practices for international business, technology etiquette, executive leadership, dining etiquette, personal branding–you name it!

Since Brian was going all the way to Singapore (all 9,593 miles) for the class and had never been to Southeast Asia before, he decided to make a whole journey through Asia to learn more about the craft of men’s custom suiting and see the vendors, distributors, and shops in person that he usually only encounters through emails, phone calls, and pictures.

In addition to Singapore, Brian added a few more stops to his itinerary: Hong Kong, Thailand, and Bali. He went to Hong Kong to visit Henry A. Davidsen’s jeans distributor. He went to Thailand to search for a new production shop. Lastly, he went to Bali to explore the native batik process and natural biosphere. Check back every day this week for more blog posts that will delve into the details of Brian’s journey through Asia.

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