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Brian Lipstein’s Stop in Bangkok & Thailand

Today’s blog post is about Brian Lipstein‘s stop in Bangkok & Thailand. It’s a continuation in the story about Brian’s journey through Asia. The first blog post was about why Brian booked the trip. The second blog post was about Brian’s stop in Hong Kong. The third blog post was about his stop in Singapore.

After the class in Singapore, Brian flew to Bangkok and from there took a day-trip to Thailand. When the tariffs on the Chinese products would come into effect in September 2019, the prices would increase. So Brian went to the northeast province of Thailand in search of potential new vendors that Henry A. Davidsen could partner with.

Brian had never visited a shop abroad. Before starting a partnership with the Thai shop, Brian wanted to visit it in person to ensure a quality product and fair working conditions. He knew the stereotypes and concerns about sweatshops. Small scale workers and farmers are some of the most marginalized by the global trade system. As soon as he entered the Thai shop, Brian was impressed.

The shop was Thai-owned, which allows for more Thai control. Brian was pleased to discover that the Thai shop he plans to partner with offers fair working conditions. The shop employs about 100 people, pays them more than minimum wage, has a hospitable work environment, and provides benefits. Apparently, the concept of employment benefits was so rare in Thailand that they had to explain it to the Thai workers.

The quality of the product was also impressive and Brian witnessed lots of old school tailoring, production and cutting by hand, and continued learning. Brian is planning on trying out a few of their products and then potentially starting a partnership with this shop.


Thanks for reading about Brian Lipstein’s stop in Bangkok & Thailand. Tomorrow’s blog post will be all about Brian’s final stop on his journey through Asia, so make sure you come back to finish the story!

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