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Brian Lipstein’s Stop in Hong Kong

Thanks for coming back to hear more about Brian Lipstein’s journey through Asia. This blog post is about Brian Lipstein’s stop in Hong Kong. If you want to be reminded about why Brian booked his trip in the first place, click here to read yesterday’s blog post.


Brian flew from the United States to Hong Kong partially to visit the jeans distributor, but mostly to allow his internal body clock a chance to catch up to the time zone. His next stop would be the class in Singapore, which was the main motivation behind his whole journey. He didn’t want to be snoring and slumped over his desk, so he gave himself a little buffer before the four-day intensive class.


While in Hong Kong, Brian visited the custom jeans production center that Henry A. Davidsen works with. The denim company originally started as a partnership between two men and is now run by the sons of the two founders. Brian witnessed the washing process, met the pattern maker, and even customized a pair of jeans for himself. 



While Henry A. Davidsen is more known for their custom suits, they offer custom jeans as well. Jeans are such a classic closet staple. They’re popular across many demographics. They’re suitable for many scenarios– you can wear them to a date, sporting event, a night out with friends, or even a relaxed business event. Jeans are more casual, but they should never be sloppy. Fit is an essential part of elevating your jeans. With custom jeans, you have control over the fabric stretch and weight, the stitching color and design, the wash, and distressing. The end result is a product that is unique to your taste and fit to your body! Brian currently owns eight pairs of custom jeans, but he wants even more!

Another good thing about custom jeans, and custom apparel in general, is that you get an experiential shopping experience. In normal and traditional shopping scenarios, you pick out some items off the rack and try them on. Maybe you like the color, but you don’t like the silhouette. Maybe the clothes fit your waist, but are too long in the legs. If you find yourself staring at the fitting room mirror with a bewildered look on your face— know you’re not alone! Many people leave traditional stores confused and frustrated. To a traditional store, you are just one of a big group. To a custom clothier, you are the only one! At Henry A. Davidsen, the experiential shopping experience you’ll receive is about learning all about you: your body dimensions, your tastes, and your lifestyle. 

Thanks for reading about Brian Lipstein’s stop in Hong Kong. Check back for tomorrow’s blog post to follow along on the next leg of Brian’s journey through Asia.

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