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Brian Lipstein’s Stop in Singapore

Thanks for keeping up with Brian Lipstein’s trip to Asia. Just a refresher— his first stop was in Hong Kong to visit the custom jeans production center.

The second was Brian Lipstein’s stop in Singapore, the main motivation behind Brian’s whole trip to Asia. Brian spent four days at the class learning how to design and deliver impactful training based on research regarding the way adults learn. The instructor, Parveen Sandhu, has a PHD in Adult Learning Theories & Principles. Adult learning does vary from child learning.

With normal presentations, adult students only retain 2-10% of the delivered information. Two of the largest barriers to adult learning include the high amount of information constantly presented to adults and the varied baseline of understanding that adult students start out with. Using the training methods from the class, adult students retain 90+% of the information. On the last day of class, Brian designed and delivered his own training. Brian’s lesson focused on the sliding scale of appearance: from casual dress to professional dress.


What is Brian planning on doing with what he learned? By learning the psychology and intricacies of adult learning, he can train his clients and have the information stick. Brian plans to train his clients on the ABCs of image consulting: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. Soft skills like these are necessary to be able to command respect in the clients’ social and professional circles.

Currently, companies spend about 80% of training money and resources on training hard skills, such as computer skills, proficiency in a language, machine operation, etc.

In reality, 85% of skills used in business are soft skills such as appearance, behavior, communication, leadership, etc.  After all, to get someone to do business with you, you have to get them to like you, see commonality with you, and trust you, which are all driven by soft skills.

When customers stop by Henry A. Davidsen, our team will get your custom measurements, look at your closet, ask about your taste in fabrics. But at the same time, the customers receive image consulting— our team can train you on dress code, leadership, handshake, technology etiquette, and more.

Thanks for reading about Brian Lipstein’s stop in Singapore. To hear about where Brian goes next, check back tomorrow!

Henry A. Davidsen | Master Tailors & Image Consultants | Philadelphia, PA

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