The past few weeks have proven challenging in ways that none of us could have imagined. Never before have we experienced a public health emergency and a huge economic downturn simultaneously. Our routines have been thrown off, our stress levels are elevated, and our children are distance learning while we work from a (perhaps hastily constructed) home office.


Unfortunately, not all of us have work that transitions to a telecommute. Many of those in our community have lost their jobs, had the interview process put on hold, or even had job offers rescinded due to COVID-19 and the quarantine put in place to stem its spread.


Things are difficult right now, but there are opportunities in this time to stand out and thrive. We feel that it is incumbent upon those of us who are more fortunate to help those of us who are less fortunate. This is why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Career Wardrobe and their “OutFIT for Work ” challenge. You can click the links in this email if you are able to donate. Background and details on the program are below:

“Someone who lost their job or paycheck during this time will need more than clothing.  They will need personalized support to guide them on their journey back to work. And the boost in self-confidence that comes from being dressed up and ready to face the world again.


And at Career Wardrobe, we will need more than clothes to outfit everyone for their next job. We need YOU! I know it’s a huge goal we have set for ourselves, but we see your generosity every day – when you organize community and corporate clothing drives, or when you come in to volunteer. We know your generosity extends to more than clothing.


Please consider helping us meet our OutFIT for Work challenge:


  • For every $50 we raise, another person will receive everything they need – shoes, accessories, clothing, and confidence – to find a new job and begin rebuilding.
  • Share our campaign with your work from home colleagues, create your own fundraising page, share your work from home selfie, and get #outFITforWork trending!
  • Clean out your closets and save the best pieces for us. Consider adding $50 to the bag so we can outfit more people in need. We will reopen soon!”


We at Henry A. Davidsen want to help us all rise to this challenge. To that end, we’re offering the opportunity for our community to give back while at the same time outfitting themselves AND someone else:


For every $500 in gift certificates someone buys now, Henry A. Davidsen will donate $50 to OutFIT For Work, which will outfit one person. $1000 in gift certificates means a $100 donation that would outfit two people, $2000 would outfit four, and so on. There is no limit to the number of gift certificates you can purchase, nor to how much money will be donated.


We look forward to working together with you to help those who need it most. Together, and only together, we will rise above this societal hardship of historic proportions.


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