Dominate the Office with These Business Casual Wardrobe Tips for Summer 2018

Dominate the Office with These Business Casual Wardrobe Tips for Summer 2018 – Henry A. Davidsen

The arrival of the warm weather from summer also brings with it the ability to try new things with your office wardrobe. With Memorial Day Weekend far behind us, there are many different fashion trends that can help you stand out in your office this summer.

We at Henry A. Davidsen are here to help you dress more confidently this summer. In fact, from finding the right accessories to trying new things, we can help you turn heads at the office all throughout the year.

Below are just a few tips you can consider to improve your business casual wardrobe this summer season, but remember this above all else: casual does not mean sloppy. Even if you’re not in a suit, your clothes should still be well-fitted, laundered, and in good repair.

Find the Right Fit

We’ll say it loud for the folks in the back: Fit is king. A well-fitted t-shirt and jeans will look better than a $5000 suit with sub-par tailoring any day of the week.

The most important rule to follow when it comes to looking good is that everything should fit you in a way that most flatters your body type.

Though you may always wear a specific size for a certain type of shirt, that won’t necessarily translate to other brands’ sizing. On top of wearing a shirt that is too small or pants that are too tight, some men wear an entire outfit that is either too large or too tight.

Dealing with fit issues is one of the downsides of off-the-rack shopping. As you can imagine, made-to-measure and custom clothing is an obvious solution we’d be happy to discuss.

More Than One Use

The most functional wardrobes are ones that are based on versatility. When you’re starting to build a business casual wardrobe, focus on items that can do double- or even triple-duty. Those cream and pink plaid pants might be fun to wear, but they’re not as versatile as navy or grey, which can be worn with anything.

The ability to mix and match individual items into different outfits can also help stretch your budget. This is a common topic our image consultants discuss with clients every day.


The classic button-down shirt is one of the most common choices among workplace outfits during the summer. Many off-the-rack options are boring, being limited to white, blue, and the occassional stripe.

For summer, we encourage you to have a little fun with your shirts. Custom dress shirts allow you to pick unique buttons and utilize contrasting fabrics inside collars and cuffs, in addition to picking your fabric and collar style. We even offer custom polos!

While solids are easy to mix and match, there is no risk in adding in more bright and patterned designs to your wardrobe. Business casual environments afford you more sartorial wiggle room, so live a little and splurge on the purple plaid button-down.

Or whatever floats your boat. These are custom clothes, after all.

Sport Coats

We know what you’re thinking: “Who in his right mind would wear a sport coat in the summer?”

Lots of guys do, as it happens! Though they have an aura of dressiness in our uber-dressed down world, a sport coat is, in fact, a casual wardrobe item that works perfectly in a business casual environment. Even if you’re a bit more dressed up than your peers as a result of wearing one, that can only do you favors.

In the dead of summer, many office buildings blast their air conditioning. In this context, the value of a sport coat becomes abundantly clear pretty quickly.

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully, our tips will help make you much more comfortable when it comes to creating the right outfit to wear to work this summer. As the top source for high-end men’s suits in the Philadelphia, PA area, we look forward to helping you create the best outfits possible. Give us a call today for more information.

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