Elevate Your Style With These 4 Grooming Tips

You could be the best-dressed man in Philadelphia with a custom tailored shirt, a great suit, matching belt and shoes, however, if your personal hygiene is lacking, your whole style suffers. While some men may think having impeccable hygiene means locking yourself in the bathroom for hours and spending a fortune on daily grooming products, it’s not. The trick to great hygiene can be as easy as a simple routine with a few signature products, and you’re out the door with time to spare! Our Philadelphia men’s suit specialists created this handy visual below, so your style never has to suffer at the hands of a bad hair day again.

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A former full-time Image Consultant with Henry A. Davidsen, Mike currently works with the company on a project basis and is on the social media team. He creates content for various social networks and the company's blog. A menswear fanatic, Mike lives to get dressed every morning and loves to educate men on the ins and outs of sartorial know-how. When not expounding on the wonders of half-Windsor knots, he plays bass guitar and sings in the Newspaper Taxis, a Beatles cover band.

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