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Essential Winter Fashion Guide for the Stylish Man

As winter ramps up and the temperatures drop, your goal is to be warm, but sometimes you forget about being stylish. Therefore, you can still look your best in the freezing winter months by following this guide created by the men’s suit experts at Henry A. Davidsen in Philadelphia!

  1. Master Layering Up

When you were young, your parents would send you off to the bus stop in layers upon layers of clothes. Warm, sure, but you probably looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. It’s easy to get carried away with layering since the end goal is to be as warm as possible. Luckily, from your day-to-day work or casual winter attire, we’ve got you covered on how to layer and still look good.

For Office Wear: Begin with a T-shirt as your base layer. Next, choose a comfortable dress shirt. Then you’ll put on a warm sweater, cardigan, or vest. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various fabrics like cashmere or wool. Next, your “top” layer will be your suit jacket. Lastly, you’ll put on your coat. It’s best to be fitted for a coat since it’s the first thing people will see all winter long. We recommend adding a handsome topcoat to your winter wardrobe for these layered office ensembles.

For Casual Wear: You can follow the same principles as above, but you have more flexibility in which layers you want to wear or the patterns/styles you select. There are endless possibilities for stylish, casual layering in the winter. Consider parkas, pea coats, car coats, and puffer vests as outerwear choices. Sweaters in Fairisle-inspired designs have seen a resurgence lately, and these are great for weekends.

Whatever you choose, make sure your clothes fit well. You don’t want layers of loose-fitting clothes that wind up making you look bulky, nor do you want to feel squeezed by your clothes.

About Winter Weather Fabrics:

Wearing pieces of clothing made of the below fabrics alone in the winter may not help keep you warm, but wearing them together will help you feel comfortable even on the coldest days.

Cotton – Best for base layers since it won’t keep you warm on its own. Cotton is beneficial because it’s absorbent and breathable, which reduces sweat.

Wool – This is the warmest fabric option on this list, so it is best used for middle or top layers. A thin layer of wool will insulate and keep you warmer than thick layers of cotton or other fabrics.

Denim – Probably the “go-to” choice for casual looks during any season. Denim can also be used as a middle layer as a denim shirt or jacket, and its thickness helps protect you from the cold.

Leather – The original windbreaker, a leather jacket as your top layer will help keep you protected from blistering winter winds.

  1. Add Some Warmth With Sharp Accessories

Don’t go crazy with layering on accessories in the winter. They can make a nice, put together outfit look sloppy. It’s best to think things through and accessorize wisely. Start with a cashmere or wool scarf in solid winter neutral colors or a bold plaid. Pick up a pair of classic, quality leather gloves that are lined in wool or cashmere. They’ll be a go-to every winter no matter what trends have come and gone.

Finally, no fashionable winter outfit is complete without a cozy hat. Just make sure you’ll have a comb or hair product with you to fix any hat hair when you arrive at work.

  1. Don’t Forget About Footwear

Your shoes will make or break your look. It’s best to avoid suede and nubuck, as inclement weather can stain those fabrics. Always keep your boots polished. This is not just for looks, but it helps prevent road salt slush from damaging the leather. Stick to shoes with rubber-finished soles for traction to avoid any accidents on your way into the office or while you’re having fun on the weekend.

Don’t hibernate this winter because of your boring winter attire. Winter is the perfect time to experiment with fabrics, accessories, and layering. If you need help putting together a winter wardrobe, contact Henry A. Davidsen, the custom suit specialists in Philadelphia for an image consulting appointment today!

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