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Fall 2021 Wardrobe Event – Get Ready!

It’s that time of year again – our Fall 2021 Wardrobe Event is right around the corner! Now more than ever, it’s crucial to plan your wardrobe moves early. Production times are slower than in pre-Covid times due to various reasons, so if you’ve got a winter garment on your mind, our wardrobe event is the perfect opportunity to get it started and have it in time to wear!

Fall Trunk Show at Henry A. Davidsen

bespke suit fabric in philadelphiaWe’re excited to partner with our vendors to create once-in-a-season opportunities for our clients. Traditional retail sales that give you bargain basement prices at the end of a season after everything has been picked over. We leverage our relationships with our vendors to give you preferential prices at the beginning of the season while stock is still strong.

With that, see below for what’s on offer this year.

Our Promotions

Cloth: This year, we’re doing a progressive promotion with Scabal, one of the world’s leading luxury fabric mills. The promotional pricing is as follows:

  • Buy one cut, get 5% off
  • Buy two cuts, get 10% off
  • Buy three cuts, get 15% off
  • Buy four cuts, get 20% off
  • Buy five or more cuts, get 25% off

mannequins wearing brown solid and plaid jacketsThis is a case of “the more you buy, the more you save,” so we encourage you to reserve cloth at this time even if you don’t intend to make it into a garment at the time of purchase.

Construction: We’re proud to expand preferential pricing on construction this year as well to include our made-to-measure garments in addition to our fully custom ones.

  • Custom – buy a suit and take $150 off the construction of a vest or second trouser, and/or buy a sport coat and take $75 off the construction of a complementary trouser.
  • MTM – buy a suit and take $100 off the construction of a vest or second trouser, and/or buy a sport coat and take $50 off the construction of a complimentary trouser.

Shirts: Buy four custom shirts, get a complimentary fifth shirt. We’re happy to include complimentary standard monograms as well!

Our Guests

three mannequins in a row wearing brown suitsFrom 9/30-10/2, we’re excited to welcome back Jon Hapanowicz, representative of Scabal, fabric expert, and all-around gentleman. Also joining us will be Alexa Roberti, who represents the third generation of family ownership of Adrian Jules, our full custom partner.

All promotional pricing will extend until 10/9.

Get Started

Appointments are available, but slots are filling up. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to set up an appointment.

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