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Fall Suiting Trends 2017

The fabrics have arrived and it’s time to take notice to what you’re sliding into this fall season. Henry A. Davidsen is your go to for men’s suits in Philadelphia and we’re here to help you stay well dressed while staying with the latest trends. So gents, as the end of summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking ahead for your fall custom tailored shirts and suits. This fall season trends call for risk taking textures, forefront fabric options, and modern design accents.

Double breasted jackets are making a comeback this season, offering a more sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. Men are going for the traditional button up and tie look, or even daring to toss on a t-shirt for a more casual chic vibe.

Fall Suiting Trends 2017 1 – Henry A. Davidsen

During these next few months, start taking more notice of the types of fabrics you are selecting for your suits. Besides visual appeal, the actual wear of the suit has become a major focus. Trends are providing more crease proof, waterproof, stretch, and wearability in fabric selections.

The texture of a fabric is an element all to its own this season, and 2017 fall trends are moving towards corduroy, denim, and textured yarns. Men’s fashion is taking risks by bringing color palettes like camel, moss green, and orange into mainstream men’s wear.

Fall Suiting Trends 2017 2

Are you unsure of how to add these colors to your wardrobe? Don’t worry, the image consultants at Henry A. Davidsen are experts in designing men’s suits in Philadelphia that are trend worthy and within your fashion comfort zone. Here are a few of our tips.

-Camel can be worn in full impact as a head to toe suit, mixing shades and patterns, but can also be broken down and paired with blue tones for more wearability.
-Moss green is a must have as it’s a rare color that looks great on every skin tone. Rich and deep greens on high textured patterns are the way to go.
-Orange….we know it’s unexpected, but there are ways to add it into your wardrobe slowly. Start off with a custom tailored shirt in a bright orange to wear with your dark knits. If you’re comfortable diving head first into this bright color, invest in a sports jacket to pair with navy, black, and gray pants options.

Fall Suiting Trends 2017 3 – Henry A. Davidsen

Breaking through this fall season in suiting is the use of appliqués, decorative touches, and embellishments. These details are being added to lapels, button holes, and even front chest panels. While these certainly may not be for everyone, they are sure to add a head turning statement to your suits.

Northeast residents, even though you might be holding on to those last few weeks of warm weather, make sure to make your appointment with us at Henry A. Davidsen to select and design your fall wardrobe so that by the time fall is here, your wardrobe is ready to be unveiled.

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