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Five Habits of Stylish Men in the 2020’s

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If the first quarter of the year is any indication, the rest of 2020 will be unlike anything we’ve witnessed before. The coronavirus quarantine threw a massive curveball into our daily lives. We addressed our predictions for style changes in the coming decade in a different post. Here, we’ll focus on more day-to-day things. What habits will men of style adopt, continue, or drop in 2020? 

5 Timeless Habits To Pick Up In Quarantine

Just because you pick up these practices in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t keep them for life.

Audit Your Closet

Man buying a suit -Career Wardrobe

We show you how to plan your wardrobe for spring in a different post, so here we’ll talk about how important it is. Men of style tend to be detail-oriented and organized, which helps you put forth the best “you” the most often. If you’ve got extra time on your hands, read our guide and start organizing.

Dress & Groom Like You Still Have An Audience

You wouldn’t show up to the office – well, most offices –  in sweats and sneakers. We’ll bet that you’d maintain your routines around hair care and shaving too, not to mention showering and brushing your teeth.

It’s unlikely that you need to dress to the level of going into the office. Stylish men in the 2020’s, however, will maintain a minimum level of sartorial professionalism even when working from home – quarantine or otherwise. Put nice denim on and wear a shirt with a collar. Get yourself a comfy pair of house shoes and only wear them indoors.

We know you can’t get your hair cut at the time of this writing, but still do your best to make it look decent. If you keep a beard, commit to keeping it well-groomed. And once we return to normal, go pay your barber a well-deserved visit (for the both of you).

Keep Fit & Eat Well

Maintain Routines

We always say that style is personal and comes from within. It therefore stands to reason that the things you put in, and do with, your body will affect on how you feel, thus impacting your image.

The stylish men of 2020 will find ways to keep fit while quarantined and throughout any changes in WFH policy that ensue. Now is an opportune time to pick up running or cycling. Even going for a couple of walks a day helps keep you healthy.

If you can cook, treat yourself and your family to nutritious food, not just during this time of crisis, but afterward too. If you order out, try to keep things on the healthy side. Order veggie pizza instead of – or, let’s be honest, in addition to – a meat lover’s version. Actually finish the broccoli in your takeout Chinese.

In major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and New York City, there are tons of healthy delivery options. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines skew lean and healthy, as do many vegetarian establishments.

One benefit of custom clothes is that they are the first things to tell you that you’re gaining weight. Nothing quite motivates you to pick a salad over a burger than shirt buttons that pull.

Keep Close Contact (Especially While Social Distancing)

Humans are social animals, and extended periods of isolation can take a toll on you. Make it a point to reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues during this unprecedented global challenge. It’s easier to do this when everyday travels generate opportunities to interact, but the current shutdown prevents such travels.

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Men of style tend towards the more social side of things. You need to keep your relationships intact both for now and after the quarantines end. Text, call, email, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype – whatever you do, make it a habit to do it often, and with each of your social circles.

Face-to-face meetings are always the most impactful of any communication medium. After our world returns to normal, their importance will be even greater. Make it a habit to work a generous amount of face time into your social and professional schedule too.

Embrace Change

Of all the five habits of stylish men in the 2020’s, we think this is the most important.

The year 2020 has reminded humanity that things change, suddenly and drastically. This brings us to something not quite a habit, but rather a personality trait: how do you respond to change? Are you adaptable and fluid, or strict and rigid?

Stylish men in the 20’s will have to be comfortable with change. The decade started off with uncertainty lurking around every corner. Those of us who succeed – personally and professionally – will do so in part because we were able to adapt to change and thrive in challenging times.

Style will change from what we see men wearing now, as it has in decades past. But style is about more than clothes. As social norms around appearance, behavior, and communication potentially shift as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, those who internalize those changes fastest will have a leg up on their competition.

Parting Thoughts

No matter the decade or the circumstances, men of style dressed well, maintained their social circles, and generally presented their best self not just to those around them, but crucially, to themselves. In this way, the 2020’s will be as similar to every other decade as it is different.

We hope you found this to be helpful. As for maintaining your wardrobe, we are here for you, albeit remotely for now. Contact us here or call 215-253-5905 to start taking charge of your image.

We strongly encourage you to take a look at Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign and donate if you can.

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