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Gentleman Behaviors Every Man Needs to Know

There are only two situations in which a man should enter a door before a woman, do you know what they are?

Being a gentleman goes far beyond the basic table manner of please and thank you. This newfound mindset [being a gentleman in the 21st century] essentially places the comfort and feelings of others before your own with an even higher regard towards ladies and young women. With this in mind, the image consultants here at Henry A. Davidsen would like to offer six gentleman behaviors every man needs to know.

Pay Attention to Details

Gentleman Behaviors Every Man Needs to Know – Henry A. Davidsen

Whether you’re on a date, in a business meeting, or out with friends, a gentleman always pays attention to details and takes mental notes. Why is this important? It shows you care. And you will be happy you did when your boss hands you a promotion, or you get asked out on a second date.

Gentleman Behaviors Every Man Needs to Know 2 – Henry A. Davidsen


My Word is Gold & Your Secret is Safe

When a secret is told, it is not meant to be shared. Therefore, a gentleman will never divulge a secret revealed to him. Furthermore, a gentleman keeps his word, and nothing can stop him from fulfilling a promised commitment.



Never Talk Down to Anyone

It doesn’t matter if you are the President of the United States or a server at a late-night diner – a gentleman never talks down to any person, no matter what position they hold. Treat others as you would like to be treated in every situation.

Offer Your Seat, Always

A kind gesture that will never go out of style—offering your seat. Whether on a bus, train, or in a doctor’s waiting room—literally anywhere in the universe—if you see a woman or elderly person struggling to stand, offer them your seat.

Gentleman Behaviors Every Man Needs to Know 3 – Henry A. Davidsen

Punctuality Matters

You know the saying, “If you’re on time you are late and if you’re early you are on time.” A true gentleman will never keep a woman waiting (or any person for that matter) and respects their time. There is no good excuse for being late so always plan ahead to mitigate any disaster that may arise.


Gentleman Behaviors Every Man Needs to Know 4 – Henry A. Davidsen

Open Doors for Ladies

Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, co-workers, a gentleman will never walk before a lady, but instead open the door for her.

Earlier in the blog, we stated that there were two situations where a man should enter a door before a woman – have you thought about your answer? The first instance is a gentleman should walk through a revolving door that is not already in motion before his lady, and the second is getting into a taxi, so the woman does not have to slide across the back seat.

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