Gentleman’s Guide To Shirt Collar Styles

The button-down shirt is a suit’s best friend. While suits come in a variety of styles that differ greatly, shirts tend to be a bit more uniform. The key difference between shirts is their collar styles. As a custom clothier, Henry A. Davidsen can make shirts with a wide variety of collar styles so it is prudent to understand their differences. In this blog, we are breaking down the qualities of some popular shirt collars and explaining the best application for each.

Button-down Collar

mens custom shirt button down collarPopularized by Brooks Brothers after witnessing polo players’ collars flapping against their faces in the wind, the button-down collar is a uniquely American contribution to menswear. It employs buttons to fasten down the flaps of the collar to the shirt, thus negating the need for metal collar stays or starching. Button-down collars are a less formal option than other styles. These collars excel in business-casual settings or just for days when you want to look more relaxed.

Button-down collars can go with a suit, but shine when paired with a sport coat or sweater. You can still wear a tie with a button-down, though it is worth mentioning that they should be avoided if you ever wear a double-breasted jacket.

Spread Collar

mens custom shirt collar with medium spreadSpread collars are characterized by the wide distance between collar points. Typically, these collars have removable “stays” that help to keep your collar points straight. Men with large faces benefit from the wider spacing spread collars offer. These collars tend to be dressier than button-down collars.

A major benefit to the spread collar is ample space to employ wider knots when wearing a tie. Making them a versatile option that looks perfect around the office or at an upscale wedding.

Point Collar

White shirt point collarPoint collars employ a smaller distance between collar points than a spread collar. This style looks best on men with rounder faces as it will have a lengthening effect. With less space between the points, narrow tie knots like the four-in-hand give this collar a neat and deliberate appearance. Making the point collar the perfect choice for interviews, important meetings, or any occasion where you are dressing to impress.

Wing Collar

The wing collar is specifically designed for tuxedo shirts. You’ll notice that this type of collar’s tips sits flat like wings, hence the name wing collar. This collar style looks particularly sharp when paired with a bowtie. While this style is sure to turn heads at the next gala, save it for black-tie events. Wing collars can look more like a costume rather than a fashion statement when paired with anything other than a tuxedo.


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