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Halloween 2020

It’s been a difficult year. This past month has been a particularly difficult one, even in the context of the year that 2020 has shaped up to be. With everyone’s anxiety levels elevated due to election-year media bombardment and the ongoing pandemic, it’s hard to get ourselves into a jovial mindset that so often accompanies this time of year. Why not use Halloween 2020 as a start?

We know, we know – once we exit our college or post-graduate years, men have fewer and fewer opportunities to celebrate Halloween. With that said, if you’re going to attend an event like Philadelphia’s Henri David Ball (which looks to still be happening despite COVID) or even a small gathering of friends, you might as well get into the spirit (pardon the pun).

Easy Costumes For Guys

Naturally, we’re inclined to dress up like sartorial heavyweights. Is it particularly creative? We make no such claim. Is it a great excuse to get dressed up in a year where there have been significantly fewer such opportunities? You’d better believe it.

Andre 3000

andre 3000 in white jacket and green bowtieAndré Benjamin is an unbelievably gifted man. In addition to being a world-class, pioneering rapper and songwriter with Atlanta’s OutKast, he’s also an actor and was, for a while, a clothing designer.

This last bit shouldn’t come as a surprise. André’s sartorial personae over the years have been bold, brash, at times gender fluid, and often steeped in modern nods to classic (think 1920’s-1930’s) menswear. Mimic an outfit of his, grab a microphone as a prop, and you’re good to go.

Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

count dracula in white tieThere have been many Dracula films made over the years. From a menswear perspective, the 1931 original English language version takes the cake.

Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula is, with the unfortunate exception of feeding on human blood for sustenance, a quintessential gentleman. His demeanor is gentle, polite, and refined – certainly what you’d expect from a member of the aristocracy.

His clothing, though, is spot on. Always decked out in white tie (he’s only awake in the evenings, after all), everything about the proportions and “correctness” of what he wears is perfect, and something we should all strive to emulate in our white tie ensembles. If you haven’t had a chance to wear your tails this year, why not now? If you don’t own tails, we can help out with that.

Finish the look off with some fake fangs and a vaguely Eastern European accent.

The Manager From Office Space

office space manager halloween costumeBill Lumbergh, played by Gary Cole in the 1999 comedy, is clearly a caricature of Wall Street‘s Gordon Gekko. While the character is patently ridiculous, his clothes are rooted in classic 1980’s “power” dressing.

The bold tie, suspenders, and contrast collar shirt all make for a funny look if you ham it up like the character, and you might already have these things laying around in your closet.

What To Wear To Take Your Kids Trick-or-Treating

For the fathers reading this blog, figuring out what to do with the kiddos this year might be a bit of a challenge. Should you choose to take your little one(s) out for the annual candy run, we suggest the following as part of your outfit.

A mask. Yes, you’ll be outside, but with the anticipated spikes in cases, you can’t be too careful. As a courtesy to the others around you and keep your face a little warmer, please wear a mask. We have some beautiful ready-to-wear masks made of custom shirt cloth here at the shop if you need some in a pinch.

fancy monogram in custom denim leather patchCustom jeans. Halloween night isn’t typically warm, and you’ll want to keep things casual. Henry A. Davidsen custom jeans are a comfortable, incredibly stylish way to look casual, keep a slight chill out, and enjoy being out and about.

Flannel sport jacket. Flannel will keep you plenty warm as you walk around, and throwing a sport jacket on with jeans and a sweater take all the mental labor out of dressing to take your kids out.

Further Reading

Here’s hoping we can salvage some good times from this year with Halloween 2020. Thanks for reading, and until we see you next, enjoy these other articles:

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