Happy Memorial Day 2021

What a difference a year makes. When we wrote about Memorial Day back in 2020, the world was a very different place. We hadn’t seen the inside of our Philadelphia showroom in about ten weeks, instead doing whatever work we could do from home. The holiday weekend was devoid of any celebratory nature, instead serving as a grim reminder of what we didn’t have and what we couldn’t do. Thankfully, Memorial Day 2021 is quite a different story. Being a menswear company, we’d like to share a little of what we’ll be wearing this year!

A New Take On The Holiday

american military cemetary with flagsThough we’re not out of the woods yet, we’re at least close. In spite of a huge, tragic loss of life nationwide, this Memorial Day we are at least winning against COVID instead of hiding from it. Vaccines are, finally, widespread and available to just about anyone who wants one. CDC guidance is such that vaccinated people can congregate in small groups, even indoors. Get the grill tongs out, it’s time to celebrate.

Now that we can be around other people again and see the lower portions of their faces, what do we wear to the Memorial Day cookout this year?

Drawstring Pants

drawstring pant close up

Self-cloth waistband with a golf “V” slit

We’re huge fans of the new drawstring pants we’ve been making these past few months. A style that’s taken hold in Europe and is making its way into the US market, these pants straddle the line between tailored and casual. With a soft waistband and an option for an elastic back, they pair beautifully with anything from a soft, deconstructed sport coat to a simple t-shirt and sneakers.

Ours are custom made from a pattern that’s exclusive to you, in any fabric you can imagine. For summer, we’re loving wool/silk blends and stretchy cotton jersey material. Make them up in blue, grey, and tan, and you’ve got a whole fleet of casual pants that are incredibly versatile.

Short Sleeve Shirts & Polos

young guy in yellow custom poloWe’ve already seen a couple of 90+ degree days, and it’s not even June yet. While you can always roll up the sleeves on one of our custom-made dress shirts, we can do you one better. We’ve been making lots of custom polos and short sleeve button-downs as of late – they’re the perfect solution when it comes to looking your best when it’s hot and stuffy outside.

man wearing light pants and penny loafersAs always, you can select your cloth, buttons, stitching colors, the works. Not sure what to do? We’re happy to present you with some options to make your decisions quick and easy.

MDW 2021

Happy Memorial Day 2021, everybody. We know the bar is low, but we hope this one is much, much better than last year’s.

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