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Henry A. Davidsen – The Ultimate Wedding Prep Destination!

Winter is on its way out, and we are excited to be the premiere spot for bachelors, grooms and groomsmen alike! There are many reasons why we’re the ultimate choice for you and the men in your wedding. As the spring quickly advances, we’re hard at work preparing ourselves at Henry A. Davidsen.

From the birds, to the flowers, to the melting of the snow that we fondly despise around here in Philadelphia, we know that spring is approaching and summer is close behind. Not that there’s an “appropriate” season for weddings, but we’ve noticed that around here many people schedule their weddings for the warmer spring months— typically people don’t want to get married in a blizzard. Before the wedding comes the bachelor party, and the dreaded wedding-prep. Let Henry A. Davidsen take some of the burden off of you—come to us for the ultimate Bachelor party and wedding prep experience!

Bring in Your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen’s attire is every bit as important as yours during the wedding. You want you and your best men to look as sharp as possible. Bring in your groomsmen for a fitting, whether they need a full-on suit or measured shirts and ties, we will help. While we figure out the appropriate approach for your wedding, you and your guests can get a haircut and straight razor shave, and enjoy a whiskey with us, so that you can relax during the whole process and look sharp as you depart.

We’ll fit out your groomsmen so that they’re the talk of the wedding reception, right after you and your bride of course. They’ll be looking so sharp that if they came alone, they probably won’t be leaving alone. Don’t take our word for it, schedule an appointment and pay us a visit and see the level of quality that we adhere to. We sell the highest quality bespoke suits that will stand out among regular off-the-rack garments. When the wedding is over and you are off on your honeymoon with your new bride, the groomsmen will have a beautiful suit they can use forever during any formal occasion.

What Else Henry A. Davidsen Does for Grooms

We help grooms every step of the way wherever they need, closely keeping their budget in mind. We have a portfolio of partner affiliations offering a plethora of services to our clientele of all levels. Skilled jewelers to provide all of the jewelry needed from engagement to the ceremony.  We also have high quality hair stylists and a preferred barber on-premise.  If you need a dietician or personal trainer, we’ll do what we can to help you get back into your old gym clothes. On top of that, we have photographers and other media specialists that will help immortalize your wedding—something that truly has no price tag.

Top Notch Wedding Accessories

Henry A. Davidsen also has the right accessories to accompany your wedding! If you want personalized matching items for your groomsmen, like cufflinks, Würkin Stiffs™, handkerchiefs or pocket inserts, we can make it happen, guaranteed.  Our custom accessories are of the highest quality, and like the bespoke suits we’ll make for your groomsmen, it’ll give them something else to remember the wedding forever. What says “thanks for being there for me” more than a great suit that will last them for ages to come?

We also offer a wide variety of accessories to complete your outfit. High-quality selection of custom belts of varying skins and buckle choices. We also have some of the finest watches in the world available in our showroom, including beautiful artistic pieces from Tissot® and more.

Regardless of what we provide for your wedding, groomsmen or bachelor party, we know that it’ll create a story to write home about. Schedule an appointment with us today and let Henry A. Davidsen help create truly lasting memories for your wedding.

Don’t Forget about the Color of the Year

There are many trends associated with fashion and attire. Pantone is an organization that designs color trends. They decide what colors truly “match” with each other, and provides suggestions for outfit synergy. Every year they decide on a “Color of the Year” and this year it’s “Marsala,” a rich, deep-reddish hue. We have a wide variety of items available in the Pantone Color of the Year, so please ask us about it. Not only will your attire be breathtaking, it’ll be stylish and avant-garde. What more could you ask for?

Contact Us for Your Wedding!

Reach out to Henry A. Davidsen today to talk about how we can bring your wedding to the next level, from beginning to end. Our quality showroom is located on 1701 Spruce Street in the heart of Rittenhouse Square. Reach us by phone at 888.508.5570, or find us by e-mail at info@henrydavidsen.com. Remember, we only see our clients by appointment due to the personal and in-depth image consultation process. Contact us today before paying us a visit.

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