How To Coordinate Masks With Your Outfit

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As well all know, COVID-19 has turned the world on its head in many ways. As of this writing, individual states are in various stages of re-opening. Some are considering new shutdowns as cases seem to be spiking, and mask mandates are popping up in different places. Philadelphia is one of those places, so you should know how to coordinate masks with your outfit.

How To Wear A Face Mask

man checks phone wearing medical maskMask wearing has become a part of our lives, albeit an understandably unwelcome one. It’s also thrust us into a brave new world as it relates to style: how are you supposed to look good in a mask?

Any image consultant worth his or her salt will tell you that your face is the most important part of any ensemble you wear – the garments you choose should make your visage look as best as possible. A mask, therefore, poses an inherent issue because it cuts off half your face. What do you do?

As we always do, we turn to classic principles of color, pattern, and proportion for guidance. The principles behind tie and pocket square coordination apply extremely well to face mask coordination, which we’ll refer to below.

Mask Color Coordination

man in black face mask looks at phoneIn terms of color, coordinate your face mask with the garments that sit closest to your face. This means your shirt, tie (if you wear one), or sport coat. Just as a white-and-pink shirt would pair beautifully with a blue-and-pink tie, it would also pair wonderfully with a blue-and-pink mask.

You also want to keep the colors in and around your face in mind when you decide which mask to wear (and yes, we advise you to have a collection from which to choose, not just one you wear over and over). This is extremely important for masks in particular – when half of your face is cut off from view, the remaining visible half becomes twice as important.

If you have blue eyes, a blue mask will work wonders for you. Dirty blond with brown eyes? Consider greens, tans, browns, and other earth tones.

For more tips on color coordination in general, our check out our guide to coordinating color.

Face Mask Pattern Coordination

young asian mean wears face maskPatterns offer a visual interest to any garment, and the same is true for masks. The same adage applies here as it applies elsewhere: you can pair either like or unlike patterns, but keep scale in mind. Like patterns should be of two different scales, and unlike patterns should be of similar scale. The one exception to this is when two patterns are very small in scale – these should never be mated.

A boldly-striped shirt would coordinate well with a mask that has thin, tight pinstripes. Wearing a paisley tie? Try a paisley mask in a different scale and coordinating colorway.

Need Guidance?

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