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How To Dress For A Cold Spring Day


Northeasterners complain about the weather incessantly, and the boys at Henry A. Davidsen are just as guilty of this as the next guy. It’s either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and we generally get a total of five and a half weeks of truly pleasant weather a year. Thankfully, we’re a week into April and are beginning to see the sun shine brightly for longer periods of time during the day. While that’s all well and good, the temperatures are still not quite warm enough for linen jacket and seven-ounce trousers. How are you supposed to dress for climate change-inspired spring weather that’s still chilly?


The answer is to take advantage of the situation. These days are a rare opportunity to mix seasonal color palettes and textures and actually get away with it. Since he clearly fancies himself a man of style, Mike was proud of the outfit he rocked the other day and decided to use it as an example here. Bite whatever you like about it, but in the meantime, here’s the breakdown:

Custom sport coat with pocketsuuare Brow shoes, and bright socks

  • Sport coat: This is a twill donegal, which technically makes it a fall jacket. But since chilly spring days are very similar to nice fall days, it makes sense to wear a piece like this. It’s neither too light nor too dark and has flecks of blue and rust to add visual interest and keep things casual. The 3×2 roll isn’t something you see a ton of in the ready-to-wear world, but such is the beauty of a made-to-measure garment.
  • Sweater: Bright yellow cotton crew neck. It’s casual, a bit chunky, and is a great option for spring days like these when a jacket and shirt aren’t quite enough to keep you comfortably warm. Although the color is quite bright and maybe a bit loud, it’s tempered by the coat and…
  • The Shirt: Every man, regardless of his profession, age, or place on the social ladder, should own a blue gingham shirt just like this one. The scale plays nicely with other patterns, the shade of blue looks good on everyone, and it works in any season. Since blue and yellow are primary colors, the shirt goes well with the sweater, as does…
  • The tie: The colors sync with both shirt and sweater, and the scale of the stripe is larger than that of the check, making for a nice contrast.
  • Pocket square: Red and blue like the tie, but not identical. Dots are also playful and a little irreverent, which is a good vibe to shoot for in a casual spring outfit.
  • Jeans: Slightly washed-out and dark. Always a solid anchor for weekend outfits.
  • Shoes: These British tan wingtips are a grand slam in the springtime. And anyone who reads this blog or follows our social media knows that we’re a bunch of sock fanatics around here, so take a look at these puppies. Green coordinates well with both blue and yellow, and the white stripes link back to the stripes in the tie. A little symmetry can go a long way.

Climate change is here gentlemen, and a lot of the rules about seasonal appropriateness (i.e. no white pants before Memorial Day) might end up going out the window in the next few decades, so it’s best to practice new modes now. If Mother Nature isn’t going to stick to a script for the weather, you shouldn’t be expected to stick to one when it comes to dressing for it.

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