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How to Take Care Of Your Suit

Done right, a few select pieces of formalwear can be an investment that pays hefty dividends. A suit that garners the right amount of attention, the right amount of respect, can pave the way for a number of opportunities.


That investment needs to be properly cared for. Clothing like most things has a tendency to depreciate over time. Like cars, proper maintenance, care and attention can eventually allow for the venerated ‘classic’ status. Unlike cars, however, oil and wax won’t keep your garments in tip-top shape.


Here are a few tips on how to best care for your suit.


  • Don’t Dry-Clean Often- Many men drop their suits off at the dry-cleaner every week or two, this can lead to premature breakdown of fibers or unnecessary stress on clothing. Obviously, if the suit is stained, take it to the cleaners as soon as possible, but it’s recommended that a suit only be dry-cleaned about every 3 months. Between visits to the cleaner, try steam cleaning your garments, a much more delicate process.
  • Alternate- Every man should own a minimum of two suits and whether you’re wearing it every day to work or just a few nights a week, it’s best to switch off between them. This allows the fabric to rest and regain a bit of shape between wearings. Keep in mind, your trousers take much more stress than your jacket, finding another pair of trousers to go with your suit is never a bad idea to keep all of your pants in the best condition.
  • Shower With It-  Hang your both your trousers and your jacket on a hanger and then place the hanger on the back of your bathroom door when you shower. Steam from the shower will dewrinkle and relax the fabrics of your clothes as well as aerating and deodorizing them.
  • Hang it up- Hang your suit up on a cedar wood hanger with a contoured form. Cedar is a natural moth repellent, it also absorbs moisture while it preserves the shape of your suit. When you hang it up, give it plenty of room in your closet, cramming it in-between other clothes will wrinkle the garment and stress the fibers.


If you need more tips to preserve your investment, or are interested in men’s clothing that pays dividends, stop by our showroom and speak to one of the best tailors in Philadelphia.

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