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How to Wear Jeans with a Suit Jacket

First things first: It’s unlikely that you’ll actually wear a suit jacket with jeans. There’s a far better chance you’ll wear a sport coat with jeans. Sport coats are more casual than suit jackets and are intended to be worn in a “mismatched” sort of way.

As a rule of thumb, remember that the outfit must match the occasion! Leave your jeans at home if you are dressing for a formal event or business meeting. After you’ve determined that jeans and a suit jacket are an appropriate choice, we have to make sure you execute the outfit correctly.

It’s not exactly that simple, though. Below are three rules for wearing jeans with sport coat.

Rule #1: Dress for the Occasion

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear jeans with a sport coat. However, there’s a time and a place for everything. It’s best to avoid wearing jeans with a sport coat for important business meetings, formal events, and funerals. Not all events are the same — use your best judgment!

Rule #2: Pick the Perfect Suit Jacket

If you’re going to rock jeans, you better pick the perfect coat. Many sport coats that we make here in the shop are bold plaids with a few different colors. Paired with dark denim and a white dress shirt, it’s an easy, effortless way to look great.

Rule #3: It’s All in the Jeans

The toughest part of the Jeans & Jacket revolution is finding a pair of jeans that work in conjunction with a sport coat — otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing this blog entry. Your jeans should be dark and fit well: not too tight, and certainly not overly baggy as the trend seems to be dictating nowadays.

Can You Pull Off the Jeans & Jacket Look?

It’s not easy to gracefully wear jeans and a sport jacket. If you need some guidance, seek out expert image consulting in Philadelphia, and look no further than Henry A. Davidsen!

Visit Henry A. Davidsen for image consulting, wedding consulting, and the best bespoke suits in the greater Philadelphia area!

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