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Professional male in bespoke suit reading news paper in Philadelphia office

“I’ve been working with Brian and Henry A. Davidsen since he first opened and quite simply, he is the best. The best suits, the best shirts, the best ties, the best accessories, the best selection, the best value and most importantly, the BEST service. Over the years, I shopped just about everywhere but since meeting Brian, there is no need to shop anywhere else. Brian knows what I have, what I like and what I need. I now have a plan for my wardrobe vs. impulse buying only to get home and discover I already have something very similar or didn’t really need it in the first place. No matter where I go, I get compliments on my clothes each and every time and have been stopped on the streets of Center City numerous times by complete strangers complimenting me on my clothes. I couldn’t recommend Brian more highly to my friends, family and clients!!!”