In Celebration of the Suit

In a world that looks increasingly casual – a world of informal dating scenes and dressed-down offices, in which a reported one in five men say they don’t even own a suit – we still take great pleasure in sophisticated, tailored style here at Henry A. Davidsen. There’s nothing we enjoy more than fitting gentlemen of discriminating taste with the finest custom suits in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

While it’s important to keep “permanent style” at the forefront of our conversations, it’s fun to keep your finger on the pulse of recent trends. The fact that something is on trend doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad or good. For us and our clients, it’s an opportunity to evaluate something novel and decide if it makes sense in any given individual’s wardrobe. 

We were especially pleased to see suits find their way back onto runways heading into the 2019 spring and summer season. After years of watching streetwear take center stage, it seems as if creative spins on the classic tailored suit have returned to stardom.

Here are our takes on some new trends we’ve seen, for better or for worse:

Dressy and Sporty

Modern tailors are finding new ways to mix formal and fun, creating suits that experiment with bolder colors and high-performance fabrics. For example, the classic double-breasted jacket is being revived, getting paired with jeans or cargo pants. Though we don’t particularly care for the look, suits and sneakers have never been more “in.”

The key to pulling these looks off? Proper fit (obviously) and knowledge of your audience. Should these looks be worn to important business meetings? Absolutely not. To a date on a Saturday night? That’s the time to experiment.


Brown suits used to be a perfectly acceptable substitute for charcoal. Though they mostly fell out of favor since the 1980s (Ronald Reagan was the last man of note to wear brown suits with regularity), brown is anything but boring, as evidenced by some of the caramel-colored suits on the high-fashion radar. Shades of brown impart an air of friendliness and a down-to-Earth sensibility to the wearer. The vintage feel created by brown can create a striking, 70s-inspired throwback look that’s simultaneously laid back and refined.

(Over)size Matters

Much to our chagrin, the 1990s seem to have returned. As is often the case in the fashion world, pendulum swings are drastic. While we don’t advise that anyone wear an intentionally oversized suit, it’s good to see an alternative to the overly-cropped, too-tight look that’s dominated runways for the past few years.

Of course, no matter where the fashion needle happens to land at a particular time, the traditional suit and tie will always be a sign of elegance, good taste, and permanent style. At Henry A. Davidsen, we celebrate the suit every day, and with our expert tailoring services, we can customize suits and custom tailored shirts that fit perfectly with your unique personality.

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