Is it Okay to Wear Sneakers with a Suit?

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend it. Suits have a certain formality to them, and pairing them with sneakers dilutes that formality. If you want to wear sneakers, we’ve got plenty of casual wear like twill pants and jeans that we can custom-make for you.

If you insist on wearing sneakers with suits, be thoughtful about it. You can’t rock a high-end suit with your snuggest pair of Sunday sneakers and expect people in a business meeting to take you seriously. The best sneakers to wear with a suit are minimalistic in style and are made of leather or suede. It’s also vital to choose a trendy suit with a slim, modern silhouette if you’re going to sport sneakers as your footwear (that is, keep trendy looks with trendy cuts). Cotton or linen suits’ intentionally rumpled look pair well with sneakers. Ditch the button-down for a t-shirt or crew-neck sweater. Make sure you take every aspect of your outfit into account to ensure the style works from head to toe.

Lastly, we don’t care how trendy they are: the “Dad” sneakers we’re seeing on the street nowadays are a no-go with suits.

The Suit & Sneakers Look is Becoming More Common And Acceptable

Wearing sneakers with a suit has historically been a fashion no-no, but times are changing. In the age of social media where people are constantly finding new and unique ways to brand themselves online, the suit & sneakers look is viewed as a portrayal of personality. When done right, a subtle pair of sneakers can add a sporty element to a suit and make you stand out — and more and more people are becoming open this idea. Still, keep it to weekends and fun events, not boardrooms and business development meetings.

Can you pull it off?

If you have a well-cut, modern suit and an expansive collection of sneakers, then yes. If you need a new suit, you can find the best bespoke suits in Philadelphia at Henry A. Davidsen. Additionally, Henry A. Davidsen offers style and image consulting in Philadelphia. So, if you are unsure about a bold look that you want to try for a big event, give Henry A. Davidsen a call today to consult with one of our image experts!

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