Is Your Attire Affecting Your Business Opportunities?

Did you know that we only have a quarter of a second to make a first impression? Your business opportunities weigh heavily on making that first impression a good one. Interviewers, investors, and others in decision-making capacities may take subpar hygiene or unkempt clothing as a lack of attention to detail. You may miss out on a promotion at work, or the chance to land your dream job all because you weren’t thinking about how you look. At Henry A. Davidsen, the men’s suits specialists in Philadelphia, we believe the smallest details make a significant impact in the business world.

Your Overall Presentation Matters, Follow These Personal Appearance Tips For Success

Dirty Nails. This may seem like a trivial detail, but as you go in for a handshake, your interviewer will be taken back if you have dirt under untrimmed, cuticle ridden nails. Our nail care is an indicator that we care about small details.

Scuffed Up Shoes. Unpolished shoes will take all the wind out of a custom suit’s sails. People are quick to notice the condition of your shoes, so keep your footwear shined and clean. Replace the laces if they’re worn or stained.

Unkempt Facial Hair. Mustaches and full, thick beards have made a comeback in recent years. If you want to keep facial hair, keep it neat, clean, and even. Get a professional trim from a barber before a job interview or big presentation.

Stained, Wrinkled, or Ill-fitting Clothing. What you wear to your interview or meeting can show the other person that you sincerely mean business. Or not. Throwing on an old, stained button down or wrinkled blazer can give off “careless” vibes. Dress to impress ALWAYS. Get your clothes dry cleaned, toss stained items, and get suits custom tailored to perfectly fit your body.

Don’t let the things we’ve listed ruin an excellent opportunity for you or your business. You need to show interviewers, CEOs, and investors that you’re serious. At Henry A. Davidsen, we’re devoted to helping you achieve a look that will set you apart from your competition. You’ll walk away with a style that makes a great first impression, and most importantly, an image that projects confidence.

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