Merry Christmas 2020

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas. Some of us embrace the religious aspect of the holiday more than others, while some of us participate in the holiday from a more secular standpoint. Most of us get caught up in gift-giving hulabaloo and its accompanying stress. We firmly believe that most of us value the holiday’s humanist ideals of togetherness, family, good will toward others, and charity.

Hopefully, all of us enjoy some downtime and more cookies than are typically wise to consume.

A Very COVID Christmas

christmas gift on wood backgroundAs a society, we neither desired nor requested a Christmas with COVID still in our midst. This year, #covidmas has changed the holiday in lots of ways. If we adhere to restrictions on gatherings and distancing, our visits with family and friends will be abbreviated at best, and non-existent at worst. That’s sad, but it pales in comparison to the ever-increasing number of those who’ve succumbed to the virus, not to mention the pain their families and friends must feel as they go through their first major holiday missing their loved one.

This Christmas will be different, for sure. In the spirit of Christmas, however, we choose gratitude. Call it jolliness if you prefer, but we like to focus on the positive. In the face of civil unrest, a pandemic, and various business restrictions, we continue to be safe, healthy, and in business. This is more than many millions of our fellow citizens can say at this time.

This isn’t to say that things haven’t been stressful or difficult – they often have. But we feel it’s important to keep proper perspective. With that in mind, we’re also happy to offer ongoing support of The Wardrobe, our charity partner, in spite of these difficulties.

We’re especially proud of our partnership with our clients for #GivingTuesday. These efforts enabled us to outfit twenty individuals with interview-appropriate clothing. It’s our hope that these interview clothes, trivial as they may seem to us with the good fortune to have gainful employment, plant a seed of positive change in their wearer’s communities that has ripple effects for years to come.

Parting Thoughts

We’re eternally grateful to our family, friends, and clients who continue to support us as we navigate these still-uncharted waters. For those who celebrate: from us and ours to you and yours, Merry Christmas.

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