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Must-Haves for the Modern Gentleman

Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” –Vin Diesel

A man is not simply born a gentleman as it is a status he must work hard to acquire. And although being a modern gentleman in the 21st century is sometimes difficult, it gets easier with the right accessories and relationships. One of the first steps in achieving the modern gentleman status is to make sure everything in your life is serving a purpose from the socks on your feet to the tailor who maintains your clothing. Take our advice and consider these five must-have articles every man needs in his possession to succeed.

Must-Haves for the Modern Gentleman – Henry A. Davidsen


Must-Haves for the Modern Gentleman 2 – Henry A. Davidsen

While a tailor is not necessarily an accessory, it is an essential relationship the modern gentleman must have in order to make his clothing more attractive, useful, and up to date. Building a close relationship and connection with an experienced and trustworthy tailor gives a gentleman the opportunity to invest in his clothing, style, and appearance with custom tailored shirts, pants, and suits that accentuate the good and conceal the not so good.


Just as important as the outfit the modern gentleman wears is the haircut he also wears 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is nothing worse than a sharp dressed man with a terrible haircut. Investing in a good barber who can pull off the exact look you are going for, while at the same time being completely honest, is totally worth your weight in gold.

Grooming Kit

In between scheduled visits to the barber, utilizing an at-home grooming kit is fundamental for the upkeep of appearance, and even more critical for travel. A decent grooming kit will include facial cleanser, shaving products (razors, shave lotion, etc.), micro trimmer, moisturizer, and nail clippers.

Must-Haves for the Modern Gentleman 3 – Henry A. Davidsen


And by socks, we don’t mean a six-pack of Hanes from the local Walmart (which are okay to have for the gym), but a definite fashion faux pas in any other situation. Every gentleman should take care of what he has on his feet, and that does include socks. Picking out the right socks is an art form and should be treated as so.

Two Good Suits

Last, but certainly not least, a true gentleman will have two (if not more) good suits in his arsenal. This is vital for any gent who wears suits for a living. A navy suit and a charcoal suit of fine wool are fantastic starter options when it comes to building a legitimate modern-day collection.

Ensuring these five essential items are in place will set you up for success. If you need assistance figuring out how best to choose anything on this list, we are here to help! Contact us to learn more.

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