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Product Spotlight: Custom Polo Shirts

Henry A. Davidsen is proud to continue its partnership with Career Wardrobe as the COVID-19 pandemic has such a profound impact on employment in our region. Please read about Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign and how Henry A. Davidsen is supporting it.

Even before COVID-19 hit, the world was going in a more casual direction. As our clients began to eschew suits in favor of dressed-down attire, we expanded our custom offerings to meet that nascent need. As such, we’d like to show you a bit about our custom sportswear: polos, henleys, and other sportswearPlease note that we can achieve anything you see in the pictures below.

To be clear, “sportswear” is a clothing industry term that refers to casual clothing – not athletic wear, or even “athleisure,” which has become its own category in the past decade.

Made-to-Measure Sportswear for Men

young man in glasses and pink polo shirtThere are multiple benefits to a custom wardrobe: superior fit, luxurious fabric, and aesthetic personalization come to mind. These benefits were largely relegated to the dressier items in your closet: suits, sport coats, and the like. That is, until now. Below we’ll outline some of the sportswear garments that we make, and also outline what the process looks like.

Custom Sportswear at Henry A. Davidsen

Below are some of the made-to-measure sportswear garments we craft for our clients:

  • Polo shirts: Long sleeve or short sleeve, these are our most popular sportswear garments.
  • Henleys: A classic casual shirt, we offer this in short- and long-sleeve versions as well.
  • T-shirts: Yes, you read that correctly: we make custom t-shirts in v-neck or crew-neck. They feel amazing and they fit perfectly.
  • Mock necks: For a great casual look, a mock neck with our custom jeans is a can’t-miss combination.
  • Bomber jackets and track jackets.
  • 1/4 zip pullovers: These are great for our clients who like to golf in the cooler spring or fall weather.
  • Full-zip hoodies

Design Process & Options

man in blue short sleeve custom poloAs is the case with other custom garments, we start with a swatch. What color do you want your shirt to be? Our sportswear is all made from cotton, which is typical of polos, henleys, and t-shirts. In addition to a plethora of colors, though, we have different kinds of cotton to choose from. It’s difficult to discuss the differences between Pima cotton, lightweight pique vs. comfort pique, and jersey cotton in a blog post. With that, we invite you to contact us so you can stop in and feel the differences for yourself.

In addition to the base color, you also have the option to accent your garment with contrast fabric. We have hundreds to choose from, and you can accent your shirt just about anywhere: the top or bottom of the collar, the placket, the vents, everything. We also have a full range of button colors and thread stitching to choose from.

contrast pocket on red polo shirtFurthermore,  you can choose the spread of the collar and the number of buttons on the placket. If you like, we can make your shirts with breast pockets, a “tee” pocket (great for golfers), and even a sunglass loop!

Fitting & Measuring

As with any garment, we need to know your fit preferences. Do you prefer something slimmer, or something more relaxed? Once we make that determination, we’ll put you in a try-on garment closest to whatever off-the-rack size you typically wear.

man holds coffee wearing custom mock neckFrom there, we make adjustments to the fit before we place an order. Chest feeling a little tight? We’ll give you a bit more room. Do you prefer to show a bit more bicep than most guys? We’re happy to shorten the sleeves. These are just two of the seven areas in which we ensure a custom polo fits you perfectly.

Pricing, Turnaround Time, & Next Steps

young guy in yellow custom poloDepending on the fabric, our polos range from $185 to about $225. T-shirts start at $135, and mock necks and zip hoodies start at $375. Turnaround time is about five weeks, so there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy yours this season.

We’re open and doing business. Call us at 215-310-0219 or email us at info@henrydavidsen.com to get the process started. In the meantime, please click the link below to see the work we’re doing with our charity partner, Career Wardrobe.

Please consider supporting those that have been displaced due to COVID-19 to get back on their feet with a donation to Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign.  $50 provides a full interview outfit for an individual seeking employment.

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