A Perfect Fit

Every man should have custom shirts, regardless of how formal or informal he wants to look. The challenge in ready-made shirts, of course, is finding one that fits perfectly. Thankfully, the image consultants at Henry A. Davidsen in Philadelphia are well-positioned to help you craft a shirting wardrobe that fits not just your proportions, but your taste as well.

A custom shirt from Henry A. Davidsen is one of the best available on the market. Proudly crafted in the United States, clients have the option to design even the most granular aspects of a shirt if they so choose. Collar spread and style, point length, cuff styles, buttons, monograms, and even stitching are all on the table.


You Decide

Some men like to design every last thread, while others simply tell us what they need and allow us to guide them through.  We welcome men from either end of this spectrum and everyone who falls in between.

Something For Everyone

With a selection of over 2,000 fabric swatches, we can accommodate any taste or need. Men who generally stick to whites and blues for a polished and professional appearance will find ample fabric options, while men with less demanding dress codes will find fancy checks, novelty patterns, and one-of-a-kind geometrics. Regardless of the fabric, an impeccable fit that suits both your body type and your personal taste is our standard.

Working Within Your Budget

The price of a custom shirt is dependent on the fabric you choose.  Pricing starts at $225 per shirt and features 18 price ranges, up to $750 per shirt, with most men averaging $250-$375 per shirt.  There are no minimums on our shirt orders, but a pattern fee will apply to orders of less than three shirts.