Though plenty of men still wear suits regularly, just as many have seen their work dress codes relax to a great extent.  Often defined as “business casual,” we’d prefer to call this “business appropriate.”  Dressing to your audience is key, but casual is defined as “done or acting without sufficient care or thoroughness.”  We highly doubt that is how you wish to be perceived by your peers.

Men find that they still need -and want- to look put together, but sometimes a suit is too much.  We agree that a suit is not always the most appropriate choice, but the consistency of a perfect fit and individual style is paramount.  We find that these less formal occasions are well-served by smart combinations of custom sport coats and custom trousers (and, of course, custom shirts).


The Versatility of the Sport Coat

Paired with a plain trouser, a well-fitted and thoughtfully patterned sport coat will set you apart from the khaki-and-polo-shirt-wearing masses. On the weekends, those same sport coats pair beautifully with jeans for a relaxed look that’s still elevated.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our sport coats and trousers are offered with the same construction options as you read about for our suits, and our fabric selection features the widest range of options that Philadelphia has to offer. Naturally, the fit and feel of our made-to-measure and custom sport coats and trousers will be superior to any found at a traditional retailer.

For All Budgets

Pricing for sport coats and trousers is determined by construction level and cloth choice. Sport coats typically range from $1450-$2500, and slacks range from $340-$1200.