Despite their ubiquity, too many men have resigned themselves to wearing ill-fitting, poorly made suits. This is no way to live or present yourself credibly. We pride ourselves on helping our clients become educated, savvy consumers who present authenticity and trust with their image.

Henry A. Davidsen offers both traditional bespoke garments and made-to-measure clothing, creating five distinct lines of quality which vary based on construction method and canvassing.

True Custom or Bespoke Tailoring

Tradition drives the definition of bespoke or true custom tailoring.  Before methods of mass production existed, every gentleman wearing suits would have them individually made, specifically for him, by hand.  The handwork, though, isn’t the only factor to qualify a suit as custom made.  The process must include creating a pattern, from scratch, for each individual client.  In order to perfect this pattern, which will be kept on file for each customer, expect multiple try-on fittings along the way before the garment can be finished.  Each subsequent order will be cut from the same perfected pattern and be delivered with a perfect fit.  Henry A. Davidsen’s custom garments are proudly and exclusively Made in America.

Henry A. Davidsen – Purple Label
Henry A. Davidsen – Blue Label

Made-to-Measure (MTM) Tailoring

Made-to-measure clothing is often confused with true custom or bespoke tailoring because the experience to the client can be very similar.  However, there are some key differences to understanding the distinction.  Made-to-measure does not develop each client’s pattern from scratch, but rather chooses the closest existing stock sized pattern and applies measurements to adjust the pattern to the client.  Pattern adjustments are limited as the existing ratios from the original pattern must be adjusted together, potentially limiting the ability to achieve a perfect fit.  Made-to-measure also has no specification of handwork required.  Henry A. Davidsen’s MTM garments are made overseas, allowing introductory price points, but get finished exclusively on-site in Philadelphia.

Henry A. Davidsen – Gold Label
Henry A. Davidsen – Black Label
Henry A. Davidsen – White Label

Purple Label

The ultimate in luxury, Henry A. Davidsen's Purple Label garments represent the world of traditional custom, or “bespoke,” tailoring. The term “bespoke” comes from a time when a bolt of fabric in a tailor shop had “been spoken for” by an individual client.  Our Purple Label garments adhere to traditional construction techniques, made completely by hand, which is rarely found in the market today.  For the gentleman who truly understands the investment in a suit, and looks at handmade clothing as wearable art, we are able to offer this extraordinary experience.

With an intermediary try-on fitting stage and a custom pattern created exclusively for you and kept on file for easy re-ordering, the fit and feel are unparalleled.

Our Purple Label suits, coats, and trousers are crafted with pride in the United States.

Prices range from $3450 - $6000+, dependent on fabric.

Blue Label

Henry A. Davidsen's Blue Label garments also represent the world of traditional custom, or “bespoke,” tailoring.  Our Blue Label garments adhere to traditional construction techniques with a few modern elements. This garment features a full canvas, with 90% of the work done by hand and the remaining work done on sewing machines built to replicate the traditional hand stitching.

Blue Label garments also include an intermediary try-on fitting stage and a custom pattern created exclusively for you and kept on file for easy re-ordering.  Blue Label compares to some of the best garments available on the market today, including but not limited to Brioni, Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label, Armani’s Black Label, and Isaia.

Our Blue Label suits, coats, and trousers are crafted with pride in the United States.

Prices range from $2850 - $5000+, dependent on fabric.

Gold Label

Henry A. Davidsen's Gold Label is a full-canvas made-to-measure (MTM) garment. Unlike fused and half-canvas garments, there is no glue in our Gold Label, resulting in a garment with a vastly superior lifespan, breathability, and drape.

Prices range from $1850 - $3500, dependent on fabric.

Black Label

Henry A. Davidsen's Black Label features half-canvassed, made-to-measure garments that incorporate modern techniques of fusing for the canvas. This garment adds a “floating chest piece” for a better drape over the chest, and machine stitching through the lapels, creating a handsome lapel roll.

Prices range from $1450 - $2500, dependent on fabric.

White Label

Henry A. Davidsen's White Label is a fully fused canvas garment and is soft, lightweight, and by definition made-to-measure. White Label offers the full custom-fit experience at our most affordable price point.

Prices range from $950 - $1800, dependent on fabric.


Other Custom Products

We make plenty of suits, but that’s far from everything we do. Sport coats, custom ties, custom shirts, outerwear, and even made-to-measure casual wear like polos and henleys are all available, ready to be personalized to your preferences.

Feel like you’re ready to start? Call us at 215-310-0219 or send us an email. We look forward to learning about you and designing a wardrobe that makes getting dressed an exciting endeavor, not a chore to be dreaded.

Design Options With  Made-to-Measure & Custom Suits By Henry A. Davidsen

Every Henry A. Davidsen suit is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our clients can customize their garments with painstaking detail if they so choose, or they can lean on our image consultants for guidance on making the best garment to fit their personal and professional needs.

When investing in a suit by Henry A. Davidsen, our clients can select the following, and much more:

  • Fabric (roughly 30,000 to choose from, including mills such as Dormeuil, Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, Holland & Sherry, and others)
  • Button stance & buttons
  • Lapel style & width
  • Contrasting buttonhole thread color(s)
  • Felt or suede undercollars
  • Jacket Linings
  • Flat-front versus pleated pants
  • Cuffed or plain pant bottoms
  • Suspender buttons, belt loops, and fastening tabs
  • Personalized name label

To further enhance the client experience, we employ in-house tailors who proudly finish all our garments by hand. Once all alterations and measurements are finalized, they are kept on file so reordering is as simple as picking your next fabric and styling it.

It’s so easy, we can even do it over the phone or via e-mail.

Wedding Tuxedos & Suits

If there’s a time in your life when you should look your best, your wedding is it. We’re delighted and proud to have dressed hundreds of grooms for their nuptials. We know it can be a stressful time, and our consultants are committed to offering our clients some respite.

Whether you have a clear vision or if you have no idea where to start, our image consultants will walk you through your ideas and help them come to life.