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Save The Date – Fall 2021 Wardrobe Event!

The official beginning of autumn is a mere five days away. We simply can’t believe how quickly this summer seems to have come and gone. At the risk of sounding like old fuddy-duddies, we’ll go a step further and say that time seems to move more quickly the older we get. As the passage of time sneaks up on us, it’s worth repeating that we need to proactively plan our fall wardrobes. With that in mind, save the date for our Fall 2021 Wardrobe Event!

Fall 2021 Wardrobe Event With Scabal

cloth for bespoke suits in philadelphiaPer our most recent email blast, this year’s Fall Wardrobe event will be held from Thursday, September 30th through Saturday, October 2nd. We suggest that you make your appointment sooner than later – availability is still good, but slots are already beginning to fill up. We don’t want you to miss out! We’re proud to be hosting our friend Jon Hapanowicz, who represents Scabal cloth.

We will be offering some specials on the cloth and perhaps even a few more on top of that. We’re still sussing out the details, but stay tuned for more communication from us once we finalize everything.

Plan Your Next Wardrobe Moves NOW

scabal custom cloth on 3 mannequinsWe said it in a previous blog post and also in our most recent email, but it bears repeating – now more than ever, proactive wardrobe planning is key to making sure you have the garments you need when you need them. The state of the industry is such that turnaround times for our garments are longer than what they were in pre-Covid times. There are manifold reasons for this – lingering global supply chain issues, labor force shortages, and other factors contribute to the slowdown. The bright side is that we’re aware of this situation, and we have the opportunity to plan appropriately if we shift our mindsets to think a little further ahead.

Making An Appointment At Henry A. Davidsen

Henry A. Davidsen ShowroomIf you’re ready to set up a time for a consultation, so are we. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get on our calendar and get started on the fall pieces that you’ll want ready once it’s colder.

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