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Spring Wardrobe Event featuring Dormeuil Cloth Spring 2022

We are excited to invite you to our Spring Wardrobe Event featuring Dormeuil cloth. We often preach to our clients the importance of building a thorough wardrobe and planning remains to be the most effective way to do so. So begin to ruminate on your Fall/Winter needs while enjoying the unique fabrics our vendors have to offer.

Save The Date

This year’s Spring Trunk Show will run from Thursday, April 21st through Saturday, April 23rd. We strongly recommend you schedule your appointment soon, as time slots always go quickly. 


What Makes A Wardrobe Event Special?

Traditional retailers buy lots of inventory before a season begins, sell as much at full price as they can, and then mark items down at the end of the season to make room for new inventory. You might get a good price, but the selection is lacking and it’s still ready-to-wear, so the fit isn’t perfect and you can’t customize anything.

Our trunk shows take this model and flip it on its head. Instead of hoping for the best at the end of a season, our trunk shows offer a preview of what’s new in the fabric world for the upcoming season. While we don’t typically reduce our prices, we’re delighted to work with Dormeuil and our other partners to offer the following incentives to our loyal clients:


Cloth OfferCloth Offer

  • 20% off any cloth in the Dormeuil collection
  • For every jacket and pant length bought together Dormeuil is offering a complimentary second pant length.



Custom OfferSuit Offer

  • $150 off a 2nd pair of trousers or vest with purchase of a full custom suit
  • $75 off a coordinating trouser with the purchase of a full custom sport coat
  • $100 off a 2nd pair of trousers or vest with purchase of a MTM suit
  • $50 off a coordinating trouser with purchase of a MTM sport coat



Shirt OfferShirt Offer

  • Receive a complimentary shirt when purchasing 5 or more & standard monograms included at no charge on all shirt purchases





Bomber OfferWin A Custom Bomber

  • Receive one raffle ticket for each cut of Dormeuil cloth purchased!
  • Receive two bonus raffles tickets when purchasing in-store from 4/21-4/23

In short, our trunk shows offer a rare chance to get the best selection and preferred pricing.



Who is Dormeuil?

dormeuil family crestDormeuil is a fifth-generation family firm that, simply put, makes some of the best cloth in the world. It’s renowned for its brilliance of color and last-a-lifetime construction quality. We featured them on our blog series about superior cloth mills, and we encourage you to take a look and learn about this storied firm.

Henry A. Davidsen is Dormeuil’s top seller in Pennsylvania, and we’re proud to leverage this relationship into special events and promotions for our clients.

Next Steps

As we mentioned above, please contact us and make an appointment to reserve your time slot. After that, we can’t wait to see you and talk about the next garment you’ll make up! If there are any questions we can answer in the meantime, don’t hesitate to call us at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com.

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