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Spring Wardrobe Planning For Men: Editing & Organizing Your Closet

Henry A. Davidsen is proud to continue its partnership with Career Wardrobe as the COVID-19 quarantine has such a profound impact on employment in our region. Please read about Career Wardrobe’s campaign and how Henry A. Davidsen is supporting it.

Newfound Free Time In Quarantine

Even the most diligent of workers will find themselves with more free time when working from home under quarantine. With a zero-minute commute time and our extracurriculars all cancelled, we’ve got more time on our hands than we did just three weeks ago. This blog post will offer tips for organizing your closet and making plans for further investment in it.

In addition to pleasure reading, continuing professional development, and other enrichment, this happens to be a great time to go through your closet for some spring cleaning and planning. Below are our top five tips to effectively edit and organize your closet.

Top Three Tips For Editing & Organizing Your Closet While Working From Home

  1. Donate it or dispose of it if you haven’t worn it in a year. Though their doors are currently closed due to the quarantine, our charity partner Career Wardrobe will enthusiastically accept any clothing you’re willing to donate if it’s in good condition. You can also sell your stuff to second-hand shops or consign it. Should your favorite shirt from grad school not be in wearable condition anymore, it’s time to toss it.
  2. Less Is More. Lots of guys find a color or style they like and then fill their closets with it. While it’s important to know what you like and what looks good on you, this behavior can lead to wardrobe redundancy. If you’ve got a stable of blue sport coats or a pile of white dress shirts, go through them and get rid of anything that isn’t a favorite.
  3. Organize by category, then by color. Dress shirts live with dress shirts, jeans live with jeans, sport jackets live with sport jackets, and so on. If your closet has been disorganized, a pandemic lockdown is a good opportunity to focus on making it more functional and user-friendly. Being able to see everything easily will  better enable you to make future wardrobe investments.

Prepping The Men’s Wardrobe For Spring

You can’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Once your closet is organized and edited, you have a sense of where your wardrobe is and can expand it thoughtfully. Yes, it seems silly to think about getting ready for spring when the extent of your travels is the grocery store. Why not be ready to hit the ground running when our lives return to normal? Below are three important things to consider when planning for the end of the quarantine. 

Colors get brighter

Yes, you can still wear navy and charcoal grey in the springtime. Your black tux works just as well in April as it does in October. Springtime, however, is a time to dabble in brighter colors – baby blue, pink, light green, and lavender all say “spring” and can be worn in both casual and professional settings alike.

If a closet reorganization shows only dark colors except for white and light blue shirts, consider some brighter colors that go well with your complexion. If you don’t know what colors work well for you, contact us. We’re image consultants, we do this all the time.

Weights and fabrics get lighter

With light color comes light weight. As the temperature increases, we wear lighter-weight wools in suits and avoid heavy, warm denim. We always advise men to invest in “all-season” weighted garments when they’re beginning to build their wardrobes, but if you’ve got a solid foundation built, you can begin ordering spring-weight clothes now to be ready for the end of working from home.

Spring is also a time to look into fabrics other than (or, more accurately, in addition to) wool. Silk, linen, cotton, and lightweight cashmere are all part of Henry A. Davidsen’s offerings and will, ahem, put some “spring” in your spring wardrobe’s step.

Casual looks get more airtime

As color (and pattern) gets added to a garment, the more casual that garment becomes. Therefore, bright spring clothing has a more casual look and feel than dark winter clothing. We’re seeing offices veer towards a relaxed dress code, so spring clothes are a natural fit for these new standards.

Spring Clothes From Henry A. Davidsen

We can consult with you throughout organizing your closet, not to mention the design and selection process for new clothes. Did you know that in addition to custom denim, we also make custom casual pants? To complement our made-in-America dress shirts, we craft short sleeve button-downs. We’re proud to offer made-to-measure polos, henleys, sweaters, and even t-shirts!

If  you have some extra time while working from home, take a look through your closet. Reach out to us at 215-253-5905 or at info@henrydavidsen.com if you have any questions. Even working remotely, we’re here to help you. 

Lastly, we strongly encourage you to take a look at Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign, and give as well as donate if you can.


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