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Style Profile: Marvin Gaye

This Fourth of July, the boys at Henry A. Davidsen would like to celebrate by taking you back in time. A time when shorts were short and the drums were electronic: 1983.

With that, we humbly submit this video of one of Mike’s favorite artists ever, Marvin Gaye, singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game. It’s one of the most unorthodox versions of the song you’ll ever hear (very 80’s-sounding to be sure, but good nonetheless), and it’s clear that this man could dress. Everything about what he’s wearing reeks of timeless style and unparalleled swag. Note the following:

  • A perfectly (probably custom) fitted 6×2 double-breasted suit with peak lapels and side vents.
  • A graceful arc in his perfectly knotted tie.
  • A pocket square that doesn’t match the tie AND is puffed out like crazy.
  • One half of one inch of shirt cuff showing from underneath his jacket sleeve.
  • Sunglasses so thoroughly boss that he doesn’t even take them off while indoors.
  • Women hooting and hollering at him.

If this doesn’t fill you with patriotism (and inspiration to commission a double-breasted suit, which has made a strong comeback in the past year or two), well, we don’t know what to do. Regardless of your reaction, Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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