Ben Pettit

Managing Partner - NYC

Quality Seal
Ben was my representative from 2015-2018. During that time, Ben met with me quarterly to asses my clothing needs. He was creative in coming up with ideas and responsive if there was ever an issue that needed to be resolved. He was professional, personable, and a pleasure to work with for 3+ years. I highly recommend Ben in the high-quality clothing industry!
~Jon Wheeler, CEO


For Ben, paying attention to clothing and perception started well before he was involved in it professionally.  He noticed from a young age that people who dressed a certain way were treated differently than everybody else.   That, coupled with attending The Citadel, made him really appreciate being able to pick out his own clothing every day.

His first experience in custom clothing started with him as a customer and ended with a job offer and a tenure of 11 years as an image consultant and haberdasher in Norfolk, VA.  After those 11 years, he made his initial move to NYC as Director of sales for a new company.  After working for, and learning from, a couple of industry professionals, Ben was put together with Brian at Henry A. Davidsen.  After learning about the company’s detail in quality manufacturing, coupled with their consultative approach for clients, Ben was confident that he found a match.

Ben’s approach to consulting is one that revolves around the little things.  One can have a suit made from the best fabric for his specific needs, but if it’s not styled and fitted the right way, it won’t look right. If you don’t have the right shirt, tie or pocket square, something else will be missing as well.  In order to achieve the image you want, all of the details must be in full alignment.

Ben is originally from Cowpens, SC (yes, that’s a real place), and he now lives in The Village in Manhattan.  His interests revolve around taking care of himself, from weight lifting to wrestling and boxing.  That said, he also enjoys tequila and a cigar from time to time.  Balance is key.