The Importance Of Being Image Conscious: Mike’s Musings

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Being an image consulting firm, we at Henry A. Davidsen are firm believers that image is very important and an integral aspect of personal and professional success. Frequently, we see things happens in the real world that strongly reinforce our feelings about image.

Case in point: I was at a deli this morning getting breakfast before work. While waiting for my order, another customer struck up a conversation with me and said that he recognized me from my previous job and asked if I was now working in custom clothes (I was taking my new blue suit/pink shirt combo out for a spin). We chatted a bit and he asked for my card, and in an e-mail exchange he was nice enough to say, “I have always seen you around and was always impressed at how impeccably put together you were and still are.”

Dress To Impress

These compliments were wonderful to hear, but they were also very telling. Without ever having met me personally, a person made assumptions about my line of work and noted that I had impressed him with how I was dressed.  Imagine how confident that made me feel, I was ready to take on the World!  The most rewarding part of my job is helping my clients gain this very same confidence, and watching them use it to go about accomplishing their professional goals faster and more easily than before they engaged our firm.

Again, the importance of image comes into play!


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