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The Importance of Industry Associations & Social Groups

Henry A. Davidsen is proud to continue its partnership with Career Wardrobe as the COVID-19 pandemic has such a profound impact on employment in our region. Please read about Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign and how Henry A. Davidsen is supporting it.

Humans Are Social Animals

The importance of industry associations and social groups can’t be overstated. If there’s one thing that COVID-19 reinforced for us, it’s that humans crave robust social networks and thrive on them.

Brian Lipstein took a class about adult learning to become a better image consultantSeparation from other humans often has detrimental effects on mental health. We’re extremely lucky that the pandemic hit during a time of such high technological capability – even though we can’t be in the same room, we can still communicate with each other.

We’re all familiar with the philosophical trope of whether or not a tree makes a sound when it falls if no one’s around to hear it. Similarly, if no one’s around to perceive the image you project, you gain very little.

We strongly advise our clients to be active members in their communities and their industries. This helps build relationships, which are ultimately what make the world go around.

Professional Associations

Most places have a plethora of professional groups to look into. Some are industry-specific while others are more generalized.

professionals networking over drinksAs a company, Henry A. Davidsen takes part in a number of these groups. As for industry-specific ones, we’re proud to be members of two: the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and the Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA).

AICI offers continuing professional education, certifications, and credentials for image consultants, has a presence in over 53 countries, and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  Our President, Brian Lipstein, served on its international board of directors from 2012-2014.

The CTDA provides a forum for us to build and maintain relationships with most of our vendors as well as other tailors and clothiers throughout the country. We have very strong relationships with them, which allows us to offer our clients products, services, and special events that might not otherwise be available through other clothing retailers.

The benefits to our clients go further than just clothing, too. Need a good electrician? A realtor? An exterminator? We can (and do) make confident referrals because we’re closely linked to these kinds of companies through professional relationship-building groups.

professional association meetingIt’s always a good idea to join professional associations that are relevant to your industry. Not sure where to start? We suggest starting with your local chamber of commerce and building from there.

The relationships you build won’t just help you do your job more easily, either. They benefit your clients, help you develop business, and can even enrich your personal life. These relationships will also prove invaluable when you’re looking for your next opportunity.

Remember: it’s not just who you know, but more importantly who knows you.

Personal Groups & General Life

We are, of course, more than what we do professionally. No matter what piques your interest, you can find a group of people who share your passion.

Just as professional associations can enrich your personal life as much as your professional life, personal groups can have professional benefits that complement the enjoyment you’d otherwise get out of them. Below are a few types of these groups:

Social Clubs

In Philadelphia, clubs like the Union League and the Fitler Club provide space for members to mingle over various activities: dining, golf, cigars, you name it. These types of clubs are just as good for date nights as they are for hosting prospective clients and even out-of-town guests.

Though not technically social clubs, there’s opportunity for relationship-building just about anywhere. Kickball leagues and quizzo teams are just as valid here as anything else.

Charities / Non-Profits

diverse charity group cleans up trashCharity work is objectively important – it’s only right to give back to the community that supports your personal and professional success. Find a charity in your area that you can get behind, and volunteer your time and resources. This kind of work doesn’t just put positive energy out into the world, it can yield benefits beyond that.

Case in point: you might meet your spouse at a Habitat for Humanity build. Having trouble connecting with the CEO of a company you’re trying to sell into? It’s a lot easier if you happen to work alongside her at your local soup kitchen. If you can do some good for the world while building your network, all the better.

people painting walls for charityHenry A. Davidsen is proud to be a longtime supporter of Career Wardrobe. Our Founder and CEO Brian Lipstein currently serves on their board of directors.

Career Wardrobe provides interview clothing to men and women looking to re-enter the workforce and secure gainful employment. Once they secure a position, clients at Career Wardrobe are eligible for additional work appropriate outfits, all at no cost to them. Please see the links at the beginning and/or end of this post to read about the work we’re currently doing with them.

Religious Groups

Though organized religion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, lots of people have strong social networks tied back to their church, mosque, or synagogue. If your religious beliefs are near and dear to your heart, it can’t hurt to be an active member of a common faith-based community.

We Are Here To Help

Henry A. Davidsen as a company was built on relationships and activities as we just described.  Between all of the groups we actively participate in and our diverse client base, we thrive when we can make a mutually beneficial relationship.

If there’s someone you are trying to meet, please think of your image consultant as a potential resource.  We are always here to help you manage all aspects of your image and beyond. Call us at 215-310-0219 or email us at info@henrydavidsen.com to let us know how we can help you today!

Please consider supporting those that have been displaced due to COVID-19 to get back on their feet with a donation to Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign.  $50 provides a full interview outfit for an individual seeking employment.

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