Tips On Choosing Your Cloth

At Henry A. Davidsen we are more than retailers of highend suits in Philadelphia, we’re image consultants, committed to providing men with advice and choices on how to refine their appearance. Whether you’ve visited a bespoke tailor before or are visiting one for the first time, the process of picking a cloth for your suit can seem a little daunting. We proudly carry thousands of options in our inventory in a variety of designs, materials, weavings and finishings, and invite our clients to take their time perusing our selection.


Here are a few tips to make the selection process easier.


  • If you have a concept for a suit, bring in an example in a garment you own or in a picture.
  • Consider your choices and then narrow them down quickly to four or five favorites. Lay out your selections next to one another, seeing them contrast against one another can be a major help in making a decision.
  • See your fabric selection in as many lighting options as possible. Bring them into direct indoor lighting, low light and natural light; there are elements of fabric design that can be difficult to see in the wrong lighting.
  • Take time to feel each fabric. Feel its crispness, smoothness or how soft it is, consider how that will feel in a jacket and pants.
  • Particularly with dark colors like navy or forest green, compare them against truly black cloth. It’s sometimes difficult to see the characteristics of a dark color until it’s juxtaposed against black.
  • When viewing patterns, consider how they will look across an entire garment. It’s somewhat tricky to visualize a large pattern from a small cross section of cloth, but doing so can avoid surprises when seeing the finished product.
  • Don’t make a snap decision. Take your time considering cloths. A good suit can last many years, so it’s completely reasonable to take a few days to determine if you’ll want to wear it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our image consultants are happy to educate all of our clients; no question is too basic and understanding the different elements of your next suit can go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy it for a long time.


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